ATI Mobility X1xxx series driver Vista/Windows 7 Proper

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by Siauka, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Siauka

    Siauka New Member

    ATI Mobility X1xxx series driver Vista/Windows 7/XP Proper

    I made it to work at last on my X1600 :) here what I have done, this short tutorial for Vista/Windows 7 or Windows XP:

    1. Make sure you have cleaned all ATI drivers, you can do this with (Drive Sweaper or Driver Cleaner.NET)
    2. Download and install Mobility Modder v1.2.1.0 here
    3. Download ATI Legacy Radeon X1xxx series driver for Vista/Windows 7 here or for Windows XP here, latest version 10.2
    4. Modd, install and have fun this up to date drivers :)

    I hope it will be usefull for someone...

    Post edited to view latest driver version, cheers =)
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  2. happyreaper

    happyreaper New Member

    Now that legacy ver 9.11 is released, I assume we can use that as well?

    And also to anyone out there, is it better to use the 9.11 legacy drivers (even though they don't officially support win7)
    Or use the normal ver 9.3 which did support windows 7?
  3. thienz

    thienz New Member

    Thank you very much!

    This worked on Win 7 (for X1700) with:
    from the links you gave in the first post! :)
  4. whippetdog

    whippetdog New Member

    A huge thanks for the tip. I had the "hard to read menu text" on MW2 and this fixed it! Just run the Modder before the ATI driver install step (after the Extract) and you'll be fine. This solved many hours of other attempts that didnt work.

    Running Windows 7 (32 Bit) on MacBook Pro, Bootcamp
    ATI Radeon Mobility X1600
  5. Mibo22

    Mibo22 New Member

    Also from my side: Many thanks for the hints!

    Was succesful with W7 on my BenQ S73G (=ATI X1600) and Catalyst Version 09.11 - and am happy now :)
  6. mazestix

    mazestix New Member

    A Big thank you from me as well. I modified my Radeon Mobility X1600 using the last version, 10.3 from ATI website. In the end of the installation i saw on the report that "installation failed". But when i rebooted everything worked perfectly! I got a 4.3 score on the graphic card score from windows experience index!
  7. joeyjackpot

    joeyjackpot New Member

    I did this with the Dell XPS M2010 running a ATi Mobility Radeon x1800. This is unique because when you install Windows 7, it actually auto-detects your GPU and downloads a driver for windows update. I have found the driver to be unstable, though, and it frequently breaks and needs system restore to fix.

    I used this trick, but with the current Legacy version (10.2). My driver version is still, but the catalyst software is 10.2. I also had to use the Modified installer for both the driver and CCC, as Device Manager would not accept the driver as a better update (even when the drivers had been cleaned with driver sweeper)...

    However, so far so good!
  8. Mibo22

    Mibo22 New Member

    AW: Re: ATI Mobility X1xxx series driver Vista/Windows 7 Proper

    Have now changed to Legacy drivers 10-02: I tried the easy way as I read in another thread: Extract (only, abort installation) and modify the drivers. Then I used the "update function" of device-manager by leading it to the file containing the modified drivers. This method worked well on my BenQ S73G (GPU is Mobility Radeon X1600).
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  9. ins0mniac

    ins0mniac New Member

    I'm eager to try this but before I do I just need to get something clear in my head. When people refer to the radeon x1xxx mobility cards, does this also apply to the x1250 used in the Dell Latitude XT?



    EDIT: I am assuming that the x1250 is included under the mobility X1xxx title but it always seems to be placed separately when the X1xxx cards are listed and not in the list with the rest of the family which is why I ask.
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  10. Siauka

    Siauka New Member

    Yes it does! it is for all x1xxx series ;)

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