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Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by nelsoncsb, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. nelsoncsb

    nelsoncsb New Member

    Ok , Im really mad, sad, and ljkwfhejklfhwlk..
    Have waited 4 months for the ATI RADEON X1200 - XP driver! I dont know what to !
    My notebook is the slowest Toshiba A210-C AMD 1.6 GHZ with incorporates Vista lol
    Its quite inteligent ..ok ! Vista on this Toshiba..very inteligent people indeed...

    Ok, the point is that i instaled XP and the most impostant driver - graphic driver for ATI RADEON X1200 - still doesnt existe.

    Would be so glad if someone post a solution here.. GOD BLESS YOU THANKSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
  2. Conrad

    Conrad New Member

    Hello nelsoncsb,

    I have also ATI RAdeon X1200 on my Toshiba A215-S4757 and had Vista installed as I bought it. Of course I uninstalled Vista and installed XP and I've also managed to find and install the driver for X1200! It's pretty simple: you go to Drivers & Software and choose Windows XP Professional/home -- Integrated/Motherboard -- Radeon X1200 and click "GO" and... you will be redirected here: Drivers and Utilities : Catalystâ„¢ Drivers, where you can download "Catalyst Software Suite" - the new version 7.10. You will try to install it, receive the "normal" error message and than download and install the ModTool from this great site. After that, you will be able to install the driver without problems.
    Best regards,
  3. nelsoncsb

    nelsoncsb New Member

    Hi Conrade, Thanks but i have receive this error message when trying to install the Catalyst 7.10 :

    "Setup did not find a driver compatible with your current hardware or Operating System. Setup Will now Exit"

  4. nelsoncsb

    nelsoncsb New Member

    BTW , I installed MSXML 6 and not MSXML 4. I think thats not the reason for this problem ?
  5. Conrad

    Conrad New Member

    That error message is normal. That's the point where you have to run the modtool in order to modify the installation files. After that, you can start again the installation DIRECTLY from the C:\ATI\SUPPORT\7-10_xp64_dd_ccc_enu_53250\Driver directory. You will see a warning that the driver are not MS digitaly signed - press "Continue anyway" and that's it!
    P.S. I don't think that installing MSXML 6 instead of 4 would make any problem.

  6. sky0607

    sky0607 New Member

    hey i have the same error message!

    I was just wundering where the modtool download is?
  7. sky0607

    sky0607 New Member

    how do you use the modtool exactly?
  8. nelsoncsb

    nelsoncsb New Member

    Its a hacker's tool , i think .
  9. nelsoncsb

    nelsoncsb New Member

    Hi again conrad. Well I did like you suggest but I STILL cannot ATI X1200 WORK . The point is that I have to remove "ATI uninstaller"Entry in "Add/remove /Control painel" .
    But i still cannot remove that , Just appears and disappears a black console CMD..

    BTW i asked you about MSXML cause modtool's wizard checks for MSXML version 4 (VERSION FOUR) . When I try to run modtool with MSXML 6 , modtool didnt ckeck MSXML ..Well , I think modtool doent give me guarantee to be secure.
  10. nelsoncsb

    nelsoncsb New Member

    Probably i have to make an ISO of my new XP installation ((i installed it 2 weeks ago ) and send it to ATI ? :) :) lololol
  11. sesa

    sesa New Member

  12. nelsoncsb

    nelsoncsb New Member

    Hi ...I didnt suggest that Modtool :S sorry but send your ISO to AMD/ATI , too...
    BTW i have toshiba A210.
  13. tearlman

    tearlman New Member

    Hi nelsoncsb,

    I still have the same normal error message even after I ran the modtool to modify the installtion files. I have no idea about what to do. :tears: I really can't understand why ATI does not provide the driver for XP.
  14. Defkaunta

    Defkaunta New Member

    Hi Guys! Im new here and i ve got a radeon xpress 1250 /x1250. I used this modtool too and it modified the newest 7.10 catalyst driver so i could install it. The hook is, at the moment the modtool doesnt support my graphiques-card so the modified installer recognized my chipset as a radeon x1200! Now ive got the wrong driver on my laptop:D but the modtool seems to support this driver you are searching for! Maybe youve downloaded the wrong catalyst driver? Try this one:

    Drivers and Utilities : Catalystâ„¢ Drivers

    and then modify it with the moddingtool ( and install it! It should work!
  15. sesa

    sesa New Member

    Hello eveyone. I have got the solution. I have Toshiba Satellite A215-s4747.
    I got sick of Visa. It is really a Jock No Way I will use it wahtsoever!.
    My notebook works faster and more reliable with Windows XP. After I spent over a month trying all OS that was found on earth each one got a problem with this laptop. Finally, tried to manuly install the .inf file but where is the XP driver for Ati Radeon X1200.
    (I am not reposible for any damages happen to software or hardware. Follow these instruction on your own Risk)

    1- Simply, Download the driver of Windows XP integrated/Motherboard from ATI official site:
    Link: Drivers & Software
    I recommend this file which I do not remember when and where I got it:
    2- Unzip the file then setup that file:
    Please do not continue after inflating all files.
    Go to c:/ati folder the path of the XP driver (.inf)
    file: C:\ATI\SUPPORT\7-11_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_54435\Driver\Driver\XP_INF
    3- Go to your device manager reinstall/update your Dispaly driver.
    In your case the driver name should be VISA or general name for dispaly driver.
    2- follow screens below:
    Install from specific loaction > Dont search > Select have a Disk > Browse > locate the file in that path:






    No changes happend ... :) please restart.
    If you can not see the print screens please go to:
    Toshiba Satellite A215-
  16. sesa

    sesa New Member

  17. puzzlegut

    puzzlegut New Member

    hi, i have the same problem than everybody else with the ATI radeon x1200 driver for xp, so i came to this forum but i got this problem, when i installed catalyst software suite i got no error message so i just installed it and it seemed that the installation was successfull, but it seems it doesnt work because i still have lag at online games that makes havey use of graphic card, i know its a problem with the xp related driver because when i had played online with vista (that came installed in the laptop) it had no problems at all, but i dont want to reinstall vista again because for my work i need specific programs that only work in xp plus i really dislike vista, so do you know what can i do? ill give the information of my laptop:

    (current)operative system: windows xp home edition
    processor : Mobile , 1900 MHz
    mother board: TOSHIBA Satellite P200D
    graphic card :ATI radeon x12000 series

    thanks in advance
  18. seyedjalali1338

    seyedjalali1338 New Member

    Hello I have a toshiba satellite a215-s47757. I installed xp windows. I need to ethernet controller, sm bus controller and video controller drivers. can anybody help me?
  19. shakeyplace

    shakeyplace New Member

  20. admiral_akbar

    admiral_akbar New Member

    Hi guys, just registered and hope someone can help me!! I have a Toshiba Equium A210 with an ATI X1200 graphics card and want to connect to my Sony 40" LCD tv. The resolution of my tv is 1366x768 (16:9), but the most my laptop will allow is 1024x768 (4:3). I have tried searching for drivers that allow the resolution of my tv, but without any luck! Is it possible to modify my driver or get another that will work with my graphics card?

    Many thanks.

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