Audio driver problem with Gateway mx6128 laptop

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by savak, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. savak

    savak New Member

    I've been looking for two days now an audio driver for my laptop. I download from the gateway web site the audio driver for this laptop : conexant cx20460-31. Guess what, it didnt work. the installation failed. I download other ver of the driver. they all failed.

    If someone have this laptop, Gateway mx6128, do me a favor, go to the control and tell me what audio driver you're using.
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  2. kn00tcn

    kn00tcn New Member

    hmm from google it seems the laptop is 'AC97 2.3' compatable

    so try a realtek? AC97 sound driver
  3. savak

    savak New Member

    Didnt work. thanks anyway.
  4. morayma

    morayma New Member

    hi my name is morayma and im new on this page... im looking for mx6128 drivers i found some on the gateway website but some of the divers dosent work.... so i need the drivers for multimedia audio controller, video controller and video controller (VGA compatible)... if anybody have one or know where to find it i will be soo happy.... those are the only three drivers that i urgently need it right now...

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