Avast problems after update.

Discussion in 'General Software Discussion' started by Liqourice, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Liqourice

    Liqourice Well-Known Member

    Just want to check if anyone else experienced something similar.

    Early this morning I updated the avast software and after that my computer was more or less unusable. It made my network connection go down, it slowed everything down so it took ages to start programs up and some would just sit there and do nothing after I got them running.

    Had to do a system restore to get everything working again which also took ages to do.

    Uninstalled avast and installed it again with the latest installation file and now things seem to work just fine.
  2. Dragondale13

    Dragondale13 New Member

    Had a similar problem a good while back.I switched to avira since then and have had no problems.Yea when avast crashes like that it's a major headache!
  3. Blueagle

    Blueagle HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    Haven't had any issues with Avast since the update no.
  4. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    I've found Avast! to be a very finicky beast. It works very well, but when it screws up... it does so badly. I've had too much trouble with it this last year (can't uninstall it, failed installs on a clean system, failed updates as per the OP, and a few other things) that I've given up on it. When building systems I throw in Microsoft Security Essentials now which seems to work just fine, and if someone is willing to pay for an AV package I point them to ESET.
  5. Blueagle

    Blueagle HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    ESET is an excellent anti-virus. I used to have that for one of my systems in the past.
  6. drwho

    drwho Active Member

    Haven't had any problems quite as drastic as you guys have been having. Last week Avast just shut itself off and I could not restart it at all. Finally had to uninstall and then reinstall. It seems to be working fine but we'll see what happens in the future.
  7. markjbte

    markjbte New Member

    Avast working perfectly on my machine. I was using Eset nod32 av. But avast is little bit slower and beside that it is working good. I didn't have any problems after update.
  8. Liqourice

    Liqourice Well-Known Member

    Same thing happened again with the last update. I'm scrapping Avast after this.
  9. IvanV

    IvanV HH Assassin Guild Member

    I'm going to see if scrapping Avast helps with my issues with Flash. If it does, I might look for a new antivirus. Bitdefender looks good, but doesn't get along with my firewall of choice (Comodo), so I'm halfway to shelling out for Kaspersky.
  10. Liqourice

    Liqourice Well-Known Member

    Don't know what to go for really. I prefer a free one but I will never go back to AVG and when Avast screws up next time it's history as well.
  11. IvanV

    IvanV HH Assassin Guild Member

    Yeah, I'm giving it a bit of time to clean up its own act as well. There is a program update, maybe it fixed something. Bitdefender seems like a really strong free option.
  12. Liqourice

    Liqourice Well-Known Member

    Last two program updates have messed my internet up so I'm a bit weary of doing this new update.. but who knows, maybe it fixes my problem. Not gonna do it now though, I'll wait until I really don't need to use this computer.
  13. jaydeee

    jaydeee New Member

    I am with avast long time ago and fortunately not get any updated related issue. I am wondering if reinstallation of latest version fix it.
  14. Falstaff

    Falstaff Old Codger

  15. Liqourice

    Liqourice Well-Known Member

    This problem has nothing to do with any browser or flash. After Avast updates it's software I lose internet connection completely, I can't even ping my own router.

    And it happened again with this last update so now Avast has had it's chance. THe problem might be with something else but I have no way of tracking it down since a re-install of Avast fixes it, at least until the next program update.

    Though, I think it's time for a complete re-install of windows, I just have to find the motivation to do it....

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