BFG 6800GT OC / Monitor Sleep

Discussion in 'NVIDIA Graphics Cards' started by OAKsider, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. OAKsider

    OAKsider New Member

    In BF2 and 3DMark05, usually within a 5-15 minutes, my monitor will shut off [orange light = sleep] and sound will go crazy. All I can do is hold my power button to shutdown manually.

    Happens right in the middle of a game/bench, not any other time. Won't happen in DOOM3/Source games/CoD:UO -- it seems like only on the bleeding edge games/benches.

    Have a two week old 6800GToc.
    Ran Cab and DriverCleaner, as in readme [<3].
    Temps in EVEREST/Speedfan/ASUS PCProbe, they're right on. o_O
    Clean comp, plenty of RAM, healthy as an ox.
    ForceWare v77.76b--checked v80.40b, v77.72, and one or two more.
    Antec TruePower430 [looks good, no spikes].
    And probably did a bunch of other shnikeys I thought fit from other forums.

    Any ideas? Anyone seen a problem like this somewhere?
    Looking like a bad graphics card chipset to me.
  2. Sargentwhitey

    Sargentwhitey Has a JOB..

    Have you tried clocking the card back down to default 6800GT clocks? Like, what most others are, since you have a 6800GToc
  3. OAKsider

    OAKsider New Member

    No, don't want to mess with any 'clockin [for now]
    for Warranty purposes. Waiting on a stable card. :bleh:
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  4. MousePotato

    MousePotato New Member

    try setting to "manual" the service: NVIDIA Display Driver Service
  5. OAKsider

    OAKsider New Member

    Just asking: What will that do?
    You're talking about CtrlPanel>Services>'nVIDIA...'.
  6. OAKsider

    OAKsider New Member

    Sgt.W, it does kinda feel like a overclock thing to me.
    It's almost a random occurance, only under high stress,
    and just cuts out and spazzes out with full-screen artifact-like
    lines and colors. But it is SOO minimally overlocked I would've never thought.

    Got it to play BF2 for like 3-4 hours last night, then IT happened.
    Card totally kicks ass but then it goes crazy!
    Poor little card's going back home this morning :].
  7. Sargentwhitey

    Sargentwhitey Has a JOB..

    Yeah, sounds like the particular core BFG used on that OC model wasn't quite up to the job.
  8. OAKsider

    OAKsider New Member

    Got my RMA back, but more problems. While running Speedfan + BF2, my GPU core temperature sensor went haywire or, well, broke. It is stuck at 256C [all the time] in the nVIDIA display controls, -37C in Speedfan, and is not even showing in Everest UE. The ambient temps and all other sensors are right on track.

    Any info on this issue?

    Sounds like another defective card to me, if in fact
    the sensor is integrated into the card there somewhere. :(

    ED: Seems the sensor works 'when it feels like it.' It told me. ...
    Anyway, so I've got a Mostly-working RMA, good enough for now.
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