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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by i-jones, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. i-jones

    i-jones New Member

    I have a Dell Dimension with the Sound Blaster card CT4780.

    I have had to install Home XP because of an issue with Windows 98.

    I have sound from the speakers but when the base is increased, the sub woofer does not work correctley.

    Dell, say they have no driver for XP, Creative Labs confirm that there XP driver will not wotk because it is an OEM card and Dell will have mofified the drivers.

    Will installing the KX software solve my problem with the sub woofer?

    Any help or advice would be very much appreciated
  2. craig588

    craig588 Banned

    Creatives driver will work, but they are probably one of the worst companies and will say anything to avoid work. Just download their driver and use it. All SB live cards are identical. (for most intents and purpouses)

    You should try the KX driver if you want better performance and sound quality, but only if you can deal with the more complicated setup of the divers.
  3. The_Neon_Cowboy

    The_Neon_Cowboy New Member

    sorry to say it crag but it have it on good athority that dell sb live's use a diffrent MAIN chip (creative made the boad only if i rember right someone esle made the Main chip!!!) and that the creative webpage drivers will Not work... i did some research on this a while back for someine on here...

    i cant say for sure relying only on what i have read.............
  4. craig588

    craig588 Banned

    Really!?!? Wow. Why would they switch chips?
  5. Daniel Drummond

    Daniel Drummond New Member

    For the bass problem: its a phase problem. Search the forum about it and you'll find lots of solutions...
  6. NightBreed

    NightBreed New Member

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