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Discussion in 'General Software Discussion' started by moon_dog, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. moon_dog

    moon_dog New Member

    what's the difference between borland C and Turbo C?
  2. md5

    md5 New Member

    "Borland Turbo C++" is the flavor of C++ that Borland provides. There are many flavors of C++ out there, e.g. Microsoft's C++, mingw32 etc... The language is the same, the only thing that differs is the compiler/linker and hence the libraries used in each one. There is no "Borland C" and "Turbo C". Borland is the company, Turbo C++ is the C++ flavor they offer (now named C++ Builder, which is the IDE to that language plus Borland's other tools)

    You can find all the available C++ Builder downloads at Borland here:
  3. hr_prc

    hr_prc New Member

    I have installed the Turbo C in "C:\TC" . If my working directory is "C:\temp" , I am not able to invoke the TC editor in MS-DOC prompt. It says unrecognized command. The directories path are set to "C:\TC". Can you help me working from any of the directory of my choice than C:\TC.

  4. bug77

    bug77 New Member

    Just add the dir containing tc.exe to your path. Or include the full path in the command line.
  5. hr_prc

    hr_prc New Member

    Thanks for the reply. About adding the path on the command line: is there any way I can add the path of tc.exe in a file like Autoexec.bat or Init so that Whichever directory I am working in, TC command would be interpreted by the compler.

    Thanks for your patience.
  6. logos1

    logos1 New Member

    you can do 'set PATH=C:\TC;%PATH%' before you compile.. or you can add it to the 'PATH' environment variable in system properties.

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