cancerous penis replaced with finger

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    Surgeons in Georgia claim to have replaced a man's cancer-ridden penis with one of his fingers in the first operation of its kind.

    The 50-year-old man had his penis amputated and replaced with a middle finger - complete with knuckles.

    Doctors say the seventeen-hour operation has been successful, and the man's two girlfriends are happy with the result.

    Twelve days after the operation the man was able to go to the toilet normally, although it was slightly longer before he could manage sex.

    Ivan Kusanov, head of the plastic surgery clinic in Tiflis, says surgeons managed to fit a tube down the middle of the finger so the man could urinate.

    "It's a pioneering operation," he told theGerman press.

    He added that, in the twelve months since the man went under the knife, he has proved the finger-penis "works perfectly well as a sex organ".

    He said the 50-year-old reported "both of his girlfriends are more than satisfied with the results".

    The ground-breaking procedure is to be patented, and Georgian men will be charged around £3,500 for the operation.

    Foreign patients will be expected to pay more.

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    He had two... before the surgery? Whoa.
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    And a porno star is born!:duh:
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    I saw this on Ripley's Believe it or Not like 6 months ago.
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    news travel slow in these parts...thanks for the verification. :)
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    Yeah. I thought this sounded familiar.
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    Now he doesn't have to use his hands to dial phone numbers.;)

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