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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Aretè, Mar 7, 2003.

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    am unable to connect to i am at pace university, though they have a firewall, it has never restricted access to and it still does not as my roommate can get onto itself just fine and also be lag free. This is the error message i recieve:

    Unable to connect to

    You may be trying to connect to an invalid server. If you are using a modem you may need to manually connect to the internet.

    Okay, one i have it set to USEAST the port in gameplay options is the default (6112) Two, i dont need a modem to connect to a T3 connection, i use a lan card. So i am always connected to the internet. I have all the updates tha thave been so far released for Windows Xp including Sp1. I can not really put a finger on when might this problem occured because it has been a while since i have logged into last time i logged in was to get the 1.05 patch. Have not played since then, i go to play when on tuesday and i have been having this problem.

    Now what has been happening today is this, so far it went on only 3 times, once before i patched, it logged on and then tried to get the patch, which it failed to do so i cancelled, downlaoded patch myself, patched it (i had uninstalled and reinstalled earlier in the night) Now i go to bed, wake up try again today, and it logs on, took FOREVER but it logs on, i click a few things see if i get disconneted, no i stay, im able to enter chat room, so i leave, try again, same thing as before now, i cant connect and it is giving me same error message. On about the 8th try after a few minutes it logs bakc into i do the same thing, click around enter chat room, no lag, took FOREVER though to get on, i get off, and havent been able to get on since. So im making some progress though i haventreallly picked up what the problem could be, so im really diggin here, could really somebodys help if anyone has a clue about this absurd problem.

    Also, been through tech support, tried everything on their site, my problem isnt even listed, i emailed tech support still nothing yet. I even opened up all the ports in my own settings that have listed, which i shouldnt even have to bother doing because my roommate logs onto no problem, and it isnt the connection on using on my side of the room because i tried his side and got the same exact problems.

    So if anyone can help me id appreciate it.
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    It might be just the fact that i am tipsy, but you never mentioned the name of the game you were using. I'll just assume its Diablo II though. My suggestion: Reinstall everything from scratch. v1.05 was released like what... 2 years ago? It wouldnt hurt to just reinstall the game.
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    It was Warcraft 3, which would make it just a few weeks or maybe a month old the patch;) And its taken care of now, some reason the connection in my room is messed up a bit but oh well, its all good now.

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