Catalyst 10.1 seems ro break Mobility Modder support.

Discussion in 'Mobility Modder Discussion' started by Deathstryker, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. Deathstryker

    Deathstryker New Member

    EDIT: Sorry for the typo.

    I have a Mobility Radeon 4850 with Windows 7 x64 and have been using Mobility Modder for awhile now but it seems that Catalyst 10.1 breaks support with Mobility Modder. It will let me start the installation of the the drivers as always but when it gets to the end of installation, the log file says "fail" on driver installation.
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  2. area2000

    area2000 New Member

    AW: Catalyst 10.1 seems ro break Mobility Modder support.

    I can confirm this! any ideas?
  3. richardhula

    richardhula New Member

    Same problem here trying to update HD 3470 drivers only after using MM on Win 7 x64 system.

    Using device manager it failed immediately. Using installer it appeared to run full cycle but failed at the end.
  4. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    OK, thanks guys... we will look into this.
  5. happyreaper

    happyreaper New Member

    Any possibility of adding support to the HD 5000 series?
  6. MVE

    MVE New Member

    Same problem. Can't install 10.1 to 3470 on Win7 x64.
  7. Malstrond

    Malstrond New Member

    Same problem here, 2x M88-XT (aka the Mobility Radeon HD 3870 X2), 10.1, Windows 7 x64.
    If I attempt to force install by pointing the device manager to the .inf file, I get the following error message: "A service installation section in the INF is invalid."
  8. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    Guys, this is being worked on now (as is 5000 series support). We will post an update asap.
  9. thenormal

    thenormal New Member

    i confirm this too.

    Windows 7 64-bit

    ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4650 1GB

    the latest catalyst drivers don't work with mobility modder

    the previous drivers did.
  10. Alienwarer

    Alienwarer New Member

    same problem

    windows 7 32-bit

    ATI radeon mobility hd 3870 512gb

    catalyst 10.1 doesn't work with mobility modder

    all the catalyst 9.x works well
  11. kingpage

    kingpage New Member

    Same problem here where I can't seem to be able to install modded Catalyst 10.1 on my Windows XP

    My graphic card is Mobility Radeon X300.

    I found this link as well, Drivers & Support | GAME.AMD.COM

    As you can see, that particular driver which was released the same day as the normal 10.1 supports some old graphic cards including mine. But because my computer is a Dell inspiron 6000 which can't get past the Installation Verification Software , ATI doesn't allow me to upgrade my driver in anyway. By the way, the latest driver Dell provides I think is older than Catalyst 9.3

    I hope there will be a fix for the problem soon from Mobility Modder or someone who can actually help me get that mobility Catalyst 10.1 from their supported laptops. It's a shame that they make our lives so freaking difficult and miserable, knowing that things could have been a lot easier if they wanted.

    Either way, I appreciate the help of those people who have both the ability and the willingness.

    PS. I have successfully installed Catalyst 9.11 (9-11_legacy_xp32-64_dd_ccc), but not 9.12 hotfix. The driver version from 9.11 legacy is 8.593.100.0.
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  12. happyreaper

    happyreaper New Member

    Thanks mate, can't wait.
  13. Ceasar389

    Ceasar389 New Member


    I'm running a 4870x2 cross fire setup in an Asus w90vp-a1. When I installed 10.1 over 9.12 the only thing that got installed was the ccc, but it was screwed up! The overclocking tab was greyed out and it was reading a much lower memory/clock speed number (200mhz). I'm running Vista 64.
  14. area2000

    area2000 New Member

    That is nice to hear :) Thank you for the support.
  15. KakimotoRift

    KakimotoRift New Member

    Thank God... I thought I am the only one with the problem......

    I am having the same problem under Win 7 Ultimate 32bit
  16. KakimotoRift

    KakimotoRift New Member

    woops double posted by accident...
  17. getmealive

    getmealive New Member

    same problem here with ATI Radeon Mobility HD4650 1GB DDR3
    WINDOWS 7 32bit
  18. New Member

    Îòâåò: Catalyst 10.1 seems ro break Mobility Modder support.

    I have the same problem (Mobility Radeon HD 4570)

    Can't wait official Asus drivers for my laptop =)
  19. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    Guys, I spoke to the Mod Tool developer earlier and he is working on a fix (knows the cause of the problem) and is also going to add 5000 series support in the same build. Sorry for the delay but he has some other commitments to attend to... the tool will be updated asap but I cant give you a date at the moment.
  20. DJ_URAN

    DJ_URAN New Member

    Îòâåò: Re: Catalyst 10.1 seems ro break Mobility Modder support.

    Veridian! You will update Modder version 1210 or it will be a new version? (For ex. 1300)
    How we'll be able know what we need to download?
    Sorry for my english (from Russia) Thanks!
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