CLI.EXE just stopped working

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by ledzep, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. ledzep

    ledzep New Member

    hi all
    i had it running with the 5.6 catalyst for a few days and now its gone and wont start anymore.

    the only change i made in my system today is over clock the cpu from 3.0 to 3.2ghz, i tried to go back to
    3.0ghz but it didnt change the fact CCC wont start, when i click on it and look at the task manager i see CLI.EXE appearing in the list and then crashes and dissapears i tried to restart it many times but nothing its just dead.

    any ideas on how to solve it?
    yes i have frame network 1.1 as it did run ok for a few days.

    thanks lz.
  2. mkk

    mkk Well-Known Member

    Try reinstalling .NET and/or the CCC. There's an odd chance that some file got damaged by system instability.
  3. H3X4D3C1M4L

    H3X4D3C1M4L New Member

    Or make sure you go to windows update and get the .NET framework patches, then run driver cleaner and reinstall all drivers
  4. ledzep

    ledzep New Member

    my system is upto date, nothing more to get in windows update.
    i have .net framework 1.1 + 1 hotfix for it installed.
    i looked for those patches , but i dont find any.

    i also uninstalled>safemod>drivercleaner>reinstall and nothing seems to work.
  5. ledzep

    ledzep New Member

    Bump! ;) :confused:

    i kinda gave up on CCC till it gonna be a stable app, wierd but seems that noone really knows how to deal with and if its working fine! but if it isn't? noone knows what to do, i guess ATI have some serious issues to work on.

    in the meanwhile im back to the good old UniAN 5.6 with the old CP.
    they rock as allways
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  6. The_Neon_Cowboy

    The_Neon_Cowboy New Member

    I know :D Sorry this thread escaped me it one that didn't show for me
    with my daily visits. I Useally click the veiw new pots and sometimes I
    could swear some posts aren't showing up :D anyways....

    P4 [email protected] | 4xGeil 256MB [email protected],4,4,8 |
    Thermaltake silent purepower 480W | ATI 9800 Pro 128mb
    (r350) + ATI Silencer #1 max@440/370 | Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000
    Rev1.0 | SB Realtech AC97 Audio onboard | 2*IBM (120+80GB,
    8mb Buffer)@7200rpm | WinXP Pro SP-1| DX 9.0c & UniAN 5.6|
    LG Flatron 775ft (17")@1024*768|

    My 1st question would be are you running Xp Sp2? The drivers
    starting requireing SP2 quite a long time ago to work correctly.
    Maybe you just havn't updated you siggy but figured I'd say
    something just in case. Make sure you've got all your windows
    updates non the less.

    If you runnin SP1 don't update via a patch make a slipstrem CD
    Forma and reinstall and you have better results then applying the

    Some 3rd part tweaker/overclockers clocker can interfere
    except for like example rage3dtweak wich has been adapted
    made for use inside and with CCC.

    CCC installer has a built in "reapair install "you just have to go
    Setup.exe Then choose reapair it can fix some issues, but it just
    reapiring the install as if you'd uninstaled and reinstalled it..

    Some 3rd party drivers make chages unmentioned and unreleased to the
    drivers that aren't undone when installing its not impossable for those changes
    to affect you next driver install.

    Last but not least you o/cing could be affecting the stabilty of
    your system. O/cing to high "can" result in issues that are near
    impossable to fix with out a format in some case. For example
    O/c you ram a little to high and start windows it will corrupt somethings.
    Especailly anythinmg you install. Just like if the memory was bad...
    Just mke sure you've looped prime95 for hours, as well as 3dmark05,
    and memtest 86/doc memory to ake sure you oc is stable. Not impossable
    that you o/c is no as stable as you think it is.

    Well thats just from the top of my head after all I just woke up.
    Every system is diffrent It's far easier to fix a problem setting at
    the keyboard maybe that will poiunt you in the right direction.

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