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Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by ChoGGi, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. ChoGGi

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    downloadable version here

    updated Feb 16 2006

    DISCLAIMER: these are fixes that work for me, no guarantees they work for anyone else.
    they are really more for omega drivers then ati (at least the file references), but the same problems will happen to regular ati users

    if theres any i missed and you want to add then i'll quote them here
    if you need help pm or email me

    it seems i can only post 15000 bytes in a message so for anything else i'm going to link to my next message in this thread
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    Thumbs up, stuck this one.
  3. jasonbourne

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    Very Nice Thread!
  4. ChoGGi

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    im gonna use this message (as it's my next one) for adding more

    Game/Misc not really related:

    this one got to be too big also, next message :)
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  5. redsolar

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    No need to thank. Thank YOU :), it's a great collection of various fixes in one place.
  6. ChoGGi

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    oh alright then :)

    btw we have the same case, it's a nice one for arranging cords no?

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  7. Aligokalppeker

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    Thanks man,great...
  8. redsolar

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    Yes, it's a great case. I love it, esecially with the amount of stuff I have in it. All wires in plastic casing, wrapped, but it's off topic :D
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    If you are having issues with video playback and gaming on Mobility IGP 320/320M, then take a look at this thread.
  10. EncryptorX

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    one thing that can help if you are having issues with ATi drivers...
    1- when freezes.
    2-when u get the bsod (blue death)
    3- any game or video... crash or restart windows.. atidvag....etc...
    the problem maybe is ur memory card and not the AtI drivers, give a check >:]
    i hope that helps.
  11. tim2005

    tim2005 New Member

    can you explain this part?

    "12. game runs fine when you stand still, stutters when you move and fps is stable.
    enable vertical sync and/or triple buffering.
    for vsync you can enable it in your display settings.
    triple buffering is usually a per game setting so check your game configs.
    for directx games you can force triple buffering (see #.16 above)."

    The triple buffering part.. How do i force this on? I read #16 at the top but i do not understand it. I wont to force it for bf2. Can you explain how you force it on?

    And i have the omega drivers by the way..thanks for any help this has been bugging me for a long time
  12. tim2005

    tim2005 New Member

  13. ChoGGi

    ChoGGi New Member

    sorry just got back from fishing

    you can use ati tray tools or dxtweaker to force triple buffering
    for ATT you need to make a game profile then goto the additional tab for it
    for dxtweaker see #13

    thanks for pointing that out guess i'd better correct it
  14. tim2005

    tim2005 New Member

    dont wont to bug you but i used ati tray tools to force triple buffering in bf2..

    My fps jumped from 42 to 75 but when I load another map (different map with out exiting out of bf2) my fps drops to 30-50s. Do you know the reason for this? I am guessing its wasiting resources or something which is making my graphics card work harder when it doesnt need to.. but i dont know

    ill try the other option u posted see if it stops this issue
  15. ChoGGi

    ChoGGi New Member

    could just be bf2
  16. tim2005

    tim2005 New Member


    only game i have on my computer right now (had to get rid of my old games to just install it lol)... to bad it does that.. oooh well

    thanks for the help

    i posted how do you enable triple buffering in d3d games and everyone told me there was no
  17. tim2005

    tim2005 New Member

    sorry to buy you again but what is this

    "you must have a version of ms .net installed"

    were can i download this?

  18. tim2005

    tim2005 New Member

    lol sorry again .. ill try to stop posting :)

    I did what you said and I just have one more question never mind what i posted above.. I am wondering if there is a way to use this tweak and have it load with my settings just by hitting the bf2 shortcut or do i always have to go into the tweak and run it that way?
  19. ChoGGi

    ChoGGi New Member

    i dont mind answering your questions
    i dont think dxtweaker allows you to make a shortcut to run, but i know ATT does.
    when your in the manage profiles window theres a button that says create desktop shortcut.
    you can get .net by searching google or goto the ms download page.
  20. tim2005

    tim2005 New Member

    hey is there any other ways to force tb? I used the dxtweaker and it worked better then att but after about 30 minutes of play good old pb told me i was hacking and shut me off :rolleyes:

    So never got to us it really..

    if there isnt any other way... is there some way to make vsync not kill my fps? Should i buy a monitor with 200 refresh rate or something?do you know of any?

    I dont know what to do about vsync and my fps....

    with vsync my fps caps at about 42 then drops often 30-20s...:mad:

    with it off I get 60-83

    triple buffering using att works for a round then craps out for some reason next round lower then with it off

    I never had issues with vsync before..there has got to be a work around right?

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