Computer makes weird noise when startup

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by LilRazor, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. LilRazor

    LilRazor Active Member


    The Problem Is when my computer startup it makes a weird noise untill windows loads could it be my power supply or graphics card
    i currenly have

    Intel core 2 duo E4500 2.20 GHz
    xfx Geforce 8800GT alpha dog edition
    enermax 535w
    3GB Kingston Ram DDR2
    Coolermaster 690 Chassing
    Windows Vista 32 bit Home Basic
    250GB Hard drive

  2. nicnik

    nicnik In the Land of Snow

    checked any of the fans? what kind of noise?
  3. LilRazor

    LilRazor Active Member

    ive checked all the fans but my cpu , psu and graphics card fan. It all seems fine and my computer is only like 4 months old and the sound comes once in a while during startup like after a week or so and it sounds like a low peach sound growling inside
  4. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    Sounds like a bad fan. I'd pull the side off of the case, then power it up and keep an eye out for a fan that is slow to start up.
  5. LilRazor

    LilRazor Active Member

    Thanks ill check if any fan is doing all these noise and also i have a fan with LED but 3 of the LED died off could it be that fan ? it came with the chassing
  6. GigaWatt

    GigaWatt Now In Color :D

    if the LEDs died out , it doesn't mean that the fan is faulty, but still, it's not a bad idea to check that... ;)

    at the rate (RPM) the fans these days run, i don't think there will be any difference in eye perception if a fan is running slowly... the best way to check this out is to listen to the fans... see which one makes the noise... ;)

    and i wouldn't worry about the whole fan thing too much, i've had fans like that running for years now on my old rig... sometimes they just need to warm up... so it's not such a big problem... unless you are planning on putting the rig to an OC testing :D... then i would definitely look into the fan problem... ;)
  7. LilRazor

    LilRazor Active Member

    i found out that the outtake fan is kinda of slow compare to the other fan but its connected to the motherboard and if i unplug it away from the motherboard to another plug it runs faster
    and the rest is ok

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