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    This may come in useful for some.

    It's finally here - a true performance comparison between AMD and Intel processors. This will allow ambitious users as well as OEM partners and especially dealers to compare their systems with our reference values. What's special about this is a feature that it lets you directly compare two different CPUs of your choice. Simply select the desired models and a benchmark, and the appropriate chart appears.

    The two CPUs are displayed in the diagrams as specially marked red bars. Shown at the very bottom is also some important additional information: the absolute and relative difference between the two models. If you click on any of the bars on the chart, a pop-up window appears with data about that particular test configuration we used.

    Makes it amazingly easy to see what kind of performance difference you'll see from changing your CPU alone.

    AFIAK, the GPU used in all tests was a 6800GT.

    Sure makes it easy to justify an A64 if you're a gamer with a fast video card.
    It even allows you to choose different A64 variants - like the 2.4GHz s754 3400+, and the 2.2GHz s939 3400+. The same goes for Intel - all manner of weirdly numbered CPU's are available...

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    Interesting idea.

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