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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Will Sasso, May 9, 2002.

  1. Will Sasso

    Will Sasso New Member

    Thanks Crash Override for inviting me here, looks like a huge amount of knowledge and
    extremely good group of professionals here to help on a wide range of subjects.
    Hopefully I'll be able to contribute here as well and help out a few people in the process.
    Thanks again !!!
    By the way don't you have a Birthday coming up soon !!!
  2. brc64

    brc64 Zeeky H. Bomb

    Will Sasso.. hmm.. that name sounds familiar.. Isn't he an actor on Mad TV?

    - Me
  3. yup birthday is in 10 days 2 hours and 29 minutes
  4. Candyman

    Candyman [DH] Lover!

    In case I forget...Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
  5. Vaporizer

    Vaporizer WTF

    isn't crash overide some character from "hackers"
  6. UberLord

    UberLord A Legend in Underwear


    Might be the latest 1337 term for installing Linux :p
  7. Renegade[CSR]

    Renegade[CSR] New Member


    Yup. He is. Crash override (In our forums) is into naming himself after movie characters ;)
  8. war59312

    war59312 God Bless The U.S.A

    Waz up?

    Not really a hardware man but hey and thanks for the invite.

    Nice board.

    Will :D
  9. Yup and I always have quotes from the movies and/or shows that the characters are in

    My sig is a quote from Hackers.

    On other forums I am known as

    Matrix Phreak, Morpheus Phreak, Ben Sisko, Crash Override, Benjamin Lafeyette Sisko, Lafeyette, God, and a couple of others....I have a full list around here somewhere.

    You can call me a man of all seasons and a master of disguise....but thatd be lying :p

    EDIT- Almost forgot my personal favorite nick of mine...I dont use it on a forum but its my handle on RTCW just in case you run into me ;)

    Shaving_Ryans_Privates or ShavingRyansPrivates

    If anyone can tell me how to type it with spaces rather than as one word or with the _ then please do so lol
  10. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

    pity he only posted once !!!!!!!!! LOL
  11. lol.........He'll be back Zardon ;)

    He is on a ton of forums and has to manage his time wisely in order to squeeze em all in
  12. Spdklls 2.0

    Spdklls 2.0 New Member

    Hey, Crash Override....

    I remember "Morpheus Phreak" from Rage, what the hell happened over there? People still refer to you over there, but I missed the grand finale. I thought you were very knowledgeable, and never seen you act out-of-line. WTF happened?
  13. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

    welcome to the forum, get posting !!!!!!!
  14. Will Sasso

    Will Sasso New Member

    Crash is right about the other forums that I have to juggle, but I do like this forum and think it's awesome .... definitly intend to hang out here some and hopefully help out when I can. I be popping in from time to time and post when I can and catch upon the latest here !

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