Creed new album any good or a pile of crap

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by HardwareHeaven, May 11, 2002.

  1. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

    well I got it and I quite like it, still think their first is the best "My Own Prison".... any creed fans on the forum? what you think? has the bass player leaving made any difference?
  2. high_ping

    high_ping King of the Wicker People

    Yes, I like Creed and I think it is good as well...
  3. Mr V

    Mr V New Member

    Do you mean Weathered?

    I love that album!

    Especially -Whos got my back? , One Last Breath , Stand Here with Me and Hide which is superb.

    I got that first, then Human Clay, I should maybe look into My Own Prison?

    the above two I listen to almost every day!

    went to cd now and saw that My Sacrifice is out tommorow, then Hide on 21st, then Human Clay bonusc Cd on the 28th!!


    plus I got the new Rush album to look into too....
  4. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member


    oh Rush!, cool band :) that guy is some drummer :cool:
  5. Mr V

    Mr V New Member


    Neil Peart is my personal hero!!
  6. shortstuff

    shortstuff Sweetness


    I listen to Creed all the time.........great band. I have liked every CD that they have come out with.
  7. AxE

    AxE New Member


    Say that again, this time on center stage at a metal concert. :eek:
  8. Creed rocks

    Their lyrics are awesome when you listen to em

    I have been a fan since the beginning.....they are like the Journey of Alt/Hard Rock

    Tight vocals that you cannot mistake with any other band

    And a sound all their own
  9. shortstuff

    shortstuff Sweetness

    That is so true Crash!
  10. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

    yes I like all their albums, I liked their new "final fantasy" style video for the last single bullets, that was really well produced.
  11. Ijustwannaknow

    Ijustwannaknow Driverheaven Senior Membe

    I like the band creed.

    I didn't even know that they just released a new album i will have to check that out.

    My favorite songs are Higher and With arms wide open.

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