Crossfire Issues - Ati2dvag.dll take a look!

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by Tritan, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Tritan

    Tritan DriverHeaven Newbie

    ( Post is kinda long, thank you very much ahead of time if you can respond with some help. ^_^ )

    Hello everyone, I'm very new here and only just discovered driverheaven. Wonderful site, my compliments. Alas though, Ive been having some major issues since putting my pc together, here is a quick rundown of the specs.

    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 FX-60
    Memory: 4gb Kingston Hyperx pc3200 (I know windows only goes up to 3 but it's in case I upgrade to 64 bit or vista.)
    Motherboard: Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe
    Video1: ATI Radeon x1900 Crossfire Edition (512mb)
    Video2: ATI Radeon x1900xtx Crossfire Ready (512mb)
    2x 250 gb Western Digital Cavier Sata2 drivers, (setup to be raid0 16x stripe)
    Fortron 700w PSU
    Sound: Sound Blaster X-FI Fatal1ty

    Primary issue: I am unable to install all of my x-fi drivers without somehow fubaring the rendering modes of crossfire. If I do not install my soundcard drivers and then enable crossfire and run dxdiag tests it will render fine. Perhaps some slight flicker as it's first loading the image. Then I try installing anything soundblaster related that is not just the core drivers and console, and it will bluescreen me out with the blame on ati2dvag.dll everytime. I've tried omega drivers (did not see a crossfire option, so I removed those), CCC, ATT , everything I could possibly think of to get rid of whatever conflict is happening. Each time i've made sure to do a fresh install by reformatting and re creating the raid0. Each time I update iether driver it's the ati2dvag.dll again. I am using the latest bios 0311 from asus for the a8r32 and it improved many of my beginning issues but this one is longstanding.

    Secondary issue: When I do have my pc running properly, it would appear that my monitor and video cards have some sort of refresh issue. When I am installing something or basically doing anything that makes the pc access data in any form, I see very slight refresh lines that are noticable on white backgrounds or very light backgrounds. This is on a NEC Multisync LCD 1960 nx 19" viewable i believe. I have installed monitor drivers. Another thing that caught my eye is when I bring up my monitors options by pressing menu on the monitor itself, it reports this to me

    \:::::/ 1 D - SUB
    FH: 48.3 kHz NEG.
    FV: 60.0 Hz NEG.

    The monitor is set to native and I haven't the slightest clue what the offset between FH and FV means. It varies everytime I change the refresh rate, sometimes higher than FV, sometimes lower.

    If you've taken the time to read my post and respond, I thank you honestly. I've been working on this for the past 2-3 weeks. It would be very nice to play q4 with crossfire and x-fi going.

    3rd but not so important issue: I crash when alt tabbing out of many games in crossfire mode. Usually I can alt tab ok until I update CCC and x-fi drivers, then, if i'm even able to run at all. It blue screens with a different error. One that I cannot remember, something like ati2MTsomething sounds similar. I will look into it some more.

    Cheers guys, keep this awesome sight goin. I look forward to contributing what I can. :)
  2. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    one word: Creative

    That is your problem and frankly allways will be..

    I've got 2 X-FI cards here, the 64mb one and the typical "decent" one.

    They are crap. Period. Your better off running with Onboard sound. And trust me, your Asus A8R32-MVP has the realtek ALC882 High Def Audio chipset. Your are SERIOUSLY going to be better off with it.

    My own machine, Creatives drivers (just trying to run JUST the drivers) constantly is fubaring my machine. Anything creative (sound card) that i put into any machine ends up having some form of issues that don't seem at all directly related to the creative card. It's so bloody unfortuneate.

    Just remove the sound card... Enable onboard audio, install the latest realtek drivers. And you'll be fine!
  3. Tritan

    Tritan DriverHeaven Newbie

    I was definitely considering that but the x-fi sounds so incredibly nice i'm hoping they get some new drivers out. My last audigy gamer did the same thing. I'll try removing it after work and using the onboard. Will post the results when I get back. :D

    On that note, I do not want to just not use my x-fi card. Is there any possible way to resolve this? I'll try contacting ATI and creative again and see if they know anything.
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  4. Tritan

    Tritan DriverHeaven Newbie

    So, alright. We know creative has had problems before. But is there anyone that can confirm a known issue with my setup? Is the x-fi fatal1ty being investigating for conflicts with crossfire? Or with the catalyst 6.3 at least?
  5. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    yes i can.... i have nearly the same thing as you...

    But i don't think i narrowed it down to a specific file.

    Remove the Creative card, fired up the Onboard ALC882 (which i found to spit out one hell of a sound anyways), and my problems disappeared. This is with both the 64mb creative card and with the other one.

    Moment i stick it in again.... run into weirdness and problems.

    Hell even with my Creative Audigy card setup as 2ndary, it's still being a stupid POS. It's gone later this week anyways, replaces by something that actually obeys when i tell it to do and works correctly. (i use it as a 2ndary card, for Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Other voice related recording)
  6. MindlessOath

    MindlessOath New Member

    always stayed away from creative myself. never will touch it with a ten foot pole.
  7. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    no frigen kidding..

    back in the day when everyone blamed via for there problems, and it all stemmed from there being a creative card in the machine. Then people got a little picky and said it didn't happen on there non-via board.. so who really is causing the problem...... unfortuneatly it still happened on the non via boards, but wasn't serious enough or noticeable enough to warrant concern apparently.

    Frankly, Creative is pure shit, they are a company that just buys everything out that produces a competeable cards and obviously superior. Leaving us with what most blind people would say is "superior" but utterly crap and not any more advanced cards.

    Thier software is bloated, buggy, and useless, and may as well be classified as multiple viruses. Once you install a creative cards, you pretty much have to wipe the system to remove all traces of it and get the system working at full speed again.

    There cards are resource hogs reguardless of what one test says uses so many % cpu... frankly it's BS...

    And if your going to run into an issue, it's usually creative cards.... since being away from creative most of the time, i've been alot happier, i've yet to experience any sound or computer issues at all related to creative.

    One thing that is driving me nutz is the fact that creative, even if they are install 2nd, DEMANDS to be audio device number 1.... even if you try to forcefully set it to 2....

    point~> Creative is a bitch.
  8. Tritan

    Tritan DriverHeaven Newbie

    I don't know if you've checked or not but I noticed the card shares IRQ 19 with a few devices, my xtx and a marvell ethernet controller. While there is not a windows reported conflict, do you think this could possibly be the cause of many of the crossfire lockups and bsods?

    I'm having one hell of a time getting the irq changed with acpi :/

    IRQ 18:
    ALi PCI to USB Open Host controller
    Marvell Yukon 88e8053 pci-e gigabit ethernet controller
    Radeon x1900 Crossfire Edition
    IRQ 19:
    ALi PCI to USB Open Host controller
    Creative SB X-Fi
    Radeon x1900 series (the xtx)
    ULi SATA/Raid Controller (m175/m1697)

    18 and 19 are the only shared IRQ's and it kind of peaks my curiousity if this is causing the problem. Thoughts?
  9. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    that could be it...

    but i've setup my bios so that it handles all the irqs and stuff.. set your bios to Plug n Play OS = NO
  10. Tritan

    Tritan DriverHeaven Newbie

    I'm going to try it really quick before work, got about 10 minutes before I leave lol. I'll be able to post results again tonight. Thank you for the replies. ^^

    Also check my edited post above your last reply for the exact IRQ's shared

    Changing the plug n play os to yes/no had no effect on the IRQ's. I'll be looking more into IRQ information tonight. Creative has never failed to make my pc experience quite the endeavor.
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  11. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    after you change it.... try to do a forced IRQ Reset..... just switching that only applies to any additional changes.... you have to do a forced reset to get it to apply it to the previous sets..

    only other option is to try and move the card to a different slot
  12. Tritan

    Tritan DriverHeaven Newbie

    First off I just want to say thank you for sticking with me on this. Taking on this mountain alone is kind of daunting and creative isn't really helping me much.

    I'm still at work but thought I would reply before I go home and try to reset the IRQ's, How do you manually reset the irq's?

    Also the only other open slot, as i'm sure you know by having an a8r32 yourself, is the 1 slot in between the video cards which im really hesitant to place it in. I'll try all of this tonight and post my findings as a lot of x1900 users seem to have problems with fatal1ty and this board setup.
  13. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    i believe there is a bios setting that refers to reset.... sorry i'm still getting used to all the settings in my bios of this board as well..

    And i can see your delema.. i was kinda itching at the thought of having to do that.
  14. Tritan

    Tritan DriverHeaven Newbie

    Alright, check this out. I got home, unfortunately IRQ's are not able to be changed with winxp :/ one of the downsides but, here is what I found out. I went to device manager, right click uninstalled the sb x-fi off the IRQ 19, shut down the system, took the sb x-fi out and loaded windows back up, now keep in mine I left the drivers installed to see if it was a driver conflict like I originally though. While it still may be I want to note that I ran dxdiag and was able to complete the d3d tests just fine without blue screening.

    Now my next test is to put the card in the slot between the cards and see what IRQ it gets assigned. If it starts sharing the CE's irq 18 I may be fuxed as that's the only other slot open. Results in a minute.
  15. Tritan

    Tritan DriverHeaven Newbie

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT I got the x-fi card working with this setup Judas! I got it to change the IRQ to 17 and now I can succesfully run dxdiag tests without bsod'ing out.

    I'm going to a friends house to celebrate, I will run everyone down with a full step by step in a few hours when I get back. I will be sure to post my findings everywhere I can. :D

    At this point it would seem the IRQ was the problem. I'll be sure to shoot ati/creative and asus e-mails with my findings as well. Again judas thank you for workin with me. Let's get yours in now ya? ^_^
  16. Souly

    Souly New Member


    Hey guys =) .. Sry for interrupting u in your conversation :)


    CPU: AMD FX-60 on Vapochill
    MB: Sapphire PC-A9RD580Adv
    Memory: Corsair 2GB DDR XMS3500LL Pro TwinX (2x1GB) CAS2
    HDD: 2x MAxtor 73 GB SCSI on a Adaptec 32390A SCSI-Adapter
    Sound card: Creative Audigy 2 NX (USB-soundcard)
    Video 1: X1900 XT Master card 512 MB
    Video 2: X1900 XTX 512 MB

    I'm having the kinda same problem. Getting random bluescreens, both meanwhile playing a game and when im ALT-TABing.

    I've read everything u said and I'm now trying if it helps to remove my Audigy 2 NX from the USB and run some games. The reason why I'm having a USB-soundcard is because the MB dosen't have any optical connection.

    First i bought a A8R32-MVP Deluxe but I got bluescreens all the time even before i started to install Windows XP. I tryed every part in another computer and everything worked fine, and then I bought a new MB (this Sapphire) and now I'm getting bluescreens during playing games instead :(.

    Any suggestions? Is Creative still giving problems even if it's on USB?


    Okey, i tried to remove the soundcard, didint help :(. Got a BSOD 5 minutes after starting WoW. The most common bluescreen I get is about a file named "Ati3daug.dll".

    Kinda sad that a completely new computer wont work :(
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  17. nystylin74

    nystylin74 New Member

    Man I have the Creative SB Audigy 2ZS, I'm getting my mobo and ram and pasu on Wed Via UPS from Newegg, You guys think I'll have any problems with this set up?
  18. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    only thing you always gotta make sure is that your creative card HAS to have it's own irq...

    but even then i've ran into problems..

    the audigy 2ZS should work fine in the most bottom slot...

    i must say that the ASUS a8r32-MVP MUST have the bios loaded before even attempting to install windows..

    On another machine with a floppy disk drive... go to asus's website and download the latest bios and put the file on the floppy drive renamed to a8r32mvp.bin ... pop it in the drive on the machine with that board.. and start it up and press ALT+F2, let it do it's job....

    i had blue screens with this bored before i flashed.. ( i did it emediately) it's all good now
  19. Tritan

    Tritan DriverHeaven Newbie

    Do these crashes happen only when using crossfire or in single card as well?
  20. nystylin74

    nystylin74 New Member

    I got the DFI board instead look at specks....

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