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Discussion in '3-D Audio' started by Quantentunnel, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Quantentunnel

    Quantentunnel New Member

    Dear all
    I try to optimze the output delay of my 5.1 speakers to account for their different distance from my ears. However, in Surrounder, I see only VRearD for the delay of the rear speakers (presumably versus the front speakers), that is also explained in a sticky note (, thank you ROBSCIX).

    1. Is my understanding correct that assymetrical placing of the left and right (front) speakers can not be corrected for, nor for the distance of the front speakers from center?
    2. My rear speakers are closer to my ears than the front and center speakers, but VRearD accepts only positive delays. Is my idea to 'rewire' Surrounder in- and output (swap front and rear speakers at surrounder input, set VRearD to the delay for the front speakers, and swap front and rear speakers at surrounder output) reasonable?

    Kind regards, A_
  2. peate

    peate Active Member

    Use the Time Balance V2 plug-in.
  3. Quantentunnel

    Quantentunnel New Member

    Aha, looks exactly what I need. Thanks for the hint.

    Kind regards, A_
  4. peate

    peate Active Member

    Glad to be of service. Another happy kX user.
  5. edwardar

    edwardar New Member

    I believe the link to the zip file for timebalanceV2 is dead. I managed to grab a corrupted version from and repair it using winrar...

    [ignore: After all that, it appears it doesn't work with v3539! Is this true, or have I done something wrong?
    Having looked at the changelog, it seems that v3538m may be better for me to use, since there are more plugins available.]

    I haven't used kx project for a year or two now, but I'm now setting up a home cinema and realised that the timebalance, parametric eq, crossover and rerouting features make it perfect for my needs!

    [Should I roll back to 3538m then?]



    EDIT: timebalanceV2 is now built in to kX!!
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  6. Russ

    Russ New Member

    Ummm, TimeBalanceV2 is included with 3539. Delete the above version and double click on kxfxpack.kxl in Windows\System32 to re-register the included version.
  7. edwardar

    edwardar New Member

    Doh!! The old version didn't register, so the built-in one works fine.

    Thanks for the reply!


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