Digital CD audio cable?

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by MGaz, Jan 27, 2007.

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    I've got a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy pci 5.1 sound card.:lol:

    What i don't understand is, before i connected the Digital CD audio cable to the CD_SPDIF, i was (according to windows settings) able to make use of 'Digital audio out' for my dvd drive. I presume it went thru the EIDE cable to the motherboard? because i've NEVER had an 'analog' audio cable connected to my DVD drive / Sound card EVER.:confused:

    My question is:
    If I'm right in thinking that the Digital audio went thru the EIDE cable, then what on earth dose one need the CD_SPDIF for?

    Is it because it's better in some way, than using the EIDE cable to send the Digital audio to the sound card?
    Less taxing perhaps?:uhoh:

    Is there any benefits to either route? & how can i tell if my computer is actualy using the CD_SPDIF or the EIDE cable? :rolleyes:
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    it's pretty redundant these days, however when the SB Live! was first debuted, using the analogue cd audio cable was still the predominant method of getting sound from a CD drive - using the digital connection simply improved the quality considerably

    however these days it has no use, unless you want to use it as a normal Spdif input (which works perfectly if connected to an RCA socket)
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    That is one of lifes little mysteries as far as I can tell. It's better not to speak about it just in case it opens up a door to another dimension.
    The PCI bus is well upto doing the job of that mucky little case defiling cable.

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