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Discussion in 'Driver Cleaner.NET Support' started by Gopez, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Gopez

    Gopez New Member


    I purchased Driver Cleaner back in 2007.

    When I used the lost registration site it directed me to download version

    I was just wondering whether this is the latest version of DC?

    If it isn't, will it still work with the latest ATI Catalyst drivers or should I purchase the newer version?
    I don't mind paying another $9.99 for the software but I just want to make sure I need to before I do.

    I've included a screenshot of the version I have, as it doesn't look the same as the one in the sticky post.


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  2. craig5320

    craig5320 Well-Known Member

    You have the latest version and it should work fine for you. Thanks
  3. Dodoci

    Dodoci New Member

    Latest version:3.4.6

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