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Discussion in 'Mobility Modder Discussion' started by Spike, Jun 5, 2005.

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  1. Spike

    Spike Driver Cleaner Maker Staff Member

    Here is a new release of Driver Cleaner Professional edition. This version has a bug fix that Live Update could not update itself, because of that everybody needs to download this version. It has all the fixes from the Live Update in it and more.

    Here is a list of what has changed or added since v1.1 (Date: May 01, 2005):
    - XGI Volari cleaning file
    - Matrox Graphics cleaning file

    - ATI cleaning file
    - ATI CCC cleaning file
    - Creative Audio cleaning file
    - Creative Audio Lite cleaning file
    - nForce Chipset cleaning file
    - nForce Chipset ATA cleaning file
    - nForce Chipset Raid cleaning file
    - nVidia cleaning file
    - Realtek AC'97 cleaning file
    - SIS Graphics cleaning file
    - Language files
    - Splash screen

    - Speed
    - Backup routine
    - Cleaning routine

    - Problem with deleting directories
    - Problem in Cab Cleaner (Cab extraction and creation routine)

    IMPORTANT: uninstall any older version first before installing Driver Cleaner Professional.

    It is for nVidia, ATI, Creative, Turtle Beach, SIS Graphics, 3Dfx and others. It will remove anything that is left by the drivers after uninstall.

    If you use this program either for personal or business use and wish to support this program, please consider a donation via paypal ( information on ). Every little bit helps my development time over the last 2 years in bringing this tool to the public domain. See the Driver Cleaner website for a link or check the readme or help file for more details.

    You can download the new version here.

    Please note due to many sites ignoring our EULA, being dishonourable and deep linking files from the Driverheaven server we have anti leeching scripts now in place. if you want to spread the news regarding this release, then link to our HTML page.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2006
  2. TJ-

    TJ- New Member

    this may be a stupid question, but i disabled live update when i first installed it. How do i enable it again from v1.1?
  3. Spike

    Spike Driver Cleaner Maker Staff Member

    The only way to enable it is to install Driver Cleaner again. So maybe the best is to download the new installer and install that and install Live Update then also for the next updates that come.
  4. daedal

    daedal Uber Coffee Drinker

    Good stuff; thanks!
  5. Warpy

    Warpy New Member

    Good Work Spike, appreciate the effort; another fine product good job!
  6. YAYitsAndrew

    YAYitsAndrew Anti-Piracy Poster Boy

    Small problem. The live updater for some reason can't connect (it may be my personal firewall or my school's network configuration and proxy). At any rate, the program never timed out after leaving it running for about an hour. You've also disabled every noticeable way to cancel my update and close the window. I had to kill it from the task manager. This is very user unfriendly.

    Other than that, I've been using the software for about a year now and it's wonderful. Thanks!
  7. Spike

    Spike Driver Cleaner Maker Staff Member

    YAYitsAndrew sorry for that disabling of the X button. That was more a test for me and i forgot to remove that. Will fix that now. Also the live update works ok for me, could be that indeed that your firewall is blocking it.
  8. YAYitsAndrew

    YAYitsAndrew Anti-Piracy Poster Boy

    There's no doubt that it's a firewall or proxy configuration. That doesn't really bother me because I'm used to update features not working due to the network constraints.
  9. PoopyTheJ

    PoopyTheJ New Member

    Awesome, Thanks Spike, without Spike's help on the DHzp installer and this fine program my work couldn't continue so very deep thanks and kudos for this Spike, keep up the good work, which I know you will. :D
  10. westsidebud

    westsidebud New Member

    Yeah thank you for the updated program !

    Can i offer a suggestion though ?

    I remember a post here where someone was asking
    if they used omega drivers.. if sfc on windows would
    notice missing files from omega's driver package (removing xp files)
    and i said no i don't think Omega's package would do that, BUT

    i think if you had run Drivercleaner that SFC would notice
    that *some of drivers that come with windows *may be deleted.

    This is true isn't it ?

    And if it is i think mentioning that somewhere would be cool
    and maybe a future option to not have to do that..

    Ya know what i mean ?
  11. Widkidone

    Widkidone New Member

    Well i just updated from 1.1 to 1.2 by running the Live Update then i have it run the live upfdate again it is taking a along time....any reason???

    But also when i just the version of the Live Update its 1.2 Build 27 and when click on the actual Driver Cleaner its version 1.2 Build 26... is this right?
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2005
  12. Spike

    Spike Driver Cleaner Maker Staff Member

    Widkidone Live Update and Driver Cleaner can indeed have different builds. Also about Live Update taking a long time i don't know why. I don't have that, maybe it is the server that is busier then normal.

    westsidebud yes some of the drivers that come with windows are deleted, but that are only like ati or nvidia drivers. The problem is that when a file is not used anymore by ati or nvidia then windows will still copy that file. So the removal of the files is needed. I never us SFC and my systems run perfect and never have any problems.
  13. Pierro

    Pierro New Member

    cool! You've added support for my graphics card (XGI Volari). I can finally use this program.
    Thank you Spike! :D
  14. vacantmind

    vacantmind New Member

    Thanks.. hopefully this will help me get rid of the lingering creative audio card drivers i've been having.
  15. westsidebud

    westsidebud New Member

    thanks for the reply..

    i personaly don't care if the graphics card drivers
    are deleted that come with windows, and i very rarely run sfc.

    but i thought it may not be so obvious to some people
    that driver cleaner would do that and i honestly
    don't remember if you *noted that in readme ?

    But i think it would be worth mentioning the issue somewhere
    in your program or documentation, some people would probably
    like to have the option to not remove protected windows files ?
    or atleast be aware of the matter.
    and i noticed Ati adds/removes theres with out having to do that so..

    but whatever no big deal
  16. INSTG8R

    INSTG8R New Member

    Spike I am having issues with the latest version of DC Pro(fully updated) When I run it in safe mode and run the ATI filters I am getting a BSOD (Page Fault in Non Paged Area) the first time I thought it was fluke, ran ATI CCC WDM and Uninstaller filters. on 2nd try I just ran the ATI filter with the same result. of course I first suspested my RAM(the error) as I have PAT enabled and that stresses it a bit after disabling it I am still getting the BSOD
  17. Spike

    Spike Driver Cleaner Maker Staff Member

  18. INSTG8R

    INSTG8R New Member

    It boots back into Windows fine after Reset (shows my RAID controller boot which is odd as I only use 1 HDD on it in SATA)
    The Log file is only showing the removal of my Creative drivers as I updated from an Audigy LS to Audigy 2 ZS(makes sense as the operation isnt finishing cuz of the BSOD)
    Yes followed the regular procedure uninstall Drivers in Add/Remove reboot in Safe Mode run DC.I have this week off so I will play around with it some more I will retest and let you know
  19. INSTG8R

    INSTG8R New Member

    Hey Spike getting the exact same reaction in Windows as in Safe mode. BSOD and no sorry no log as it nevers completes the operation. It is just the ATI filter that is causing it all other filters complete their operations fine
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2005
  20. Spike

    Spike Driver Cleaner Maker Staff Member

    hmm wierd, i will look into it and see why it happens and fix it when i find it.
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