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Discussion in 'Overclocking, Benching & Modding' started by Stuart Davidson, Aug 19, 2004.

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  1. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    At the weekend we published our preview of Counter-Strike: Source, the latest game to be released by Valve. Counter-Strike: Source runs on the excellent Source engine which also powers Half-Life 2. We noted in our preview that even at high settings the engine ran well and performance was excellent however as with other new engines there is always a lot of questions around what card is faster. Luckily Valve have provided a tool in the latest build of CSS which answers that very question and we at Driverheaven have been lucky enough to have access to it.

    So today we will be running ATI and Nvidia's high end cards through some Source benchmarks and reporting to you which card you'll want to invest in if your looking for the best performance from the Source engine.

    Test Setup:

    Connect 3D ATI Radeon X800 XTPE 256mb
    Reference Nvidia Geforce 6800Ultra 256mb

    Athlon64 FX-53
    1gb Corsair PC3200LL
    MSI K8T neo2- FIR
    80gb Samsung 7200rpm 8mb Cache SATA Drive

    Windows XP SP2
    DX 9.0c
    Nvidia Forceware 61.77
    Catalyst 4.8 WHQL

    Each test was run 3 times and the middle result shown in the graphs, Nvidia optimisations were on for the testing.

    1280x960 0aa 0af

    1280x960 4aa 8af

    1600x1200 0aa 0af

    1600x1200 4aa 8af

    Well, i think its safe to say the results speak for themselves. There really is no competition at the moment if your looking for the fastest card to play Half-Life 2 or Counter-Strike: Source on. The ATI Radeon X800 XT PE outperforms the Geforce 6800 Ultra in every test we ran, regardless of the settings used for example at the setting of 1600x1200 4x Anti Aliasing/ 8xAniostropic Filtering (the lowest setting that most enthusiast users would expect to use) the Radeon outperforms the Geforce by 30%.

    Out of intrest we also ran the game at the maximum AA/AF settings available to us, this means 6xAA-16xAF on the Radeon and 8xSAA-16xAF on the Geforce.

    1280x960 Maxed

    1600x1200 maxed

    Again, at these enhanced settings the difference is huge. At maximum detail, the Radeon X800XTPE just streaks away from the Geforce 6800 Ultra and ends up 65% faster. Its also worth noting that the X800XTPE is showing completely playable framerates at the maximum possible quality where as the 6800 Ultra is only achieving playable framerates at much lower quality.

    Shocked is one word that comes to mind looking at these results. Where Nvidia has beaten ATI by a reasonable margin in Doom3 the results completely reverse and then some on the Source engine, a 30% performance difference ( 74fps to 52fps ) is, to be honest, a massive dissapointment if your a Geforce 6800 Ultra user. We had fully expected to have a very close contest when running the benchmarks however that has not proven to be the case, hopefully Nvidia have a new driver in the works that will bump up performance enough to make things competitive.

    Edit: Graphs got a bit mixed up in the transfer...results were always correct and now the graphs are in the right place :)
  2. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

  3. Counterfe1t

    Counterfe1t New Member

    interesting i expected nvidia to have a performance drop when compared to radeon but i did not expect a drop of 65% i anticipated a drop of around 10-15%
  4. HawK

    HawK Banned

    Oh dear... Doom and no 1/2Life for NV ??
  5. technonerd

    technonerd New Member

    Hehe, I was playing CS:source and everybody said that 6800 will be way faster than X800. oooh they're up for surprise . That was very impressive, glad that I brought x800.

    BTW Source was awesome.
  6. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    Some screens at each cards max playable settings

    Radeon 1600x1200 6aa 16af


    Geforce 1600x1200 4aa 8af


  7. orrm

    orrm New Member

    considering the fact the Counter Strike is the most playable multiplayer game on the planet... i'd say way to go ATi lol....

    im planning on buying the X800XTPE anyway. Im a ATi fan since 9700 revolution... so these are good news...
  8. HawK

    HawK Banned

    Call me an ATI boy if you want but the in first picture somehow it looks like the Ati one has more dept.. while the GF pic looks flatter

    was sure I saw 4 pic's ??
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2004
  9. Counterfe1t

    Counterfe1t New Member

    I will tell you one thing that mostly everyone can agree on source is as much addicting as when the original CS was released. i cant remember the last time i went 4 hours straight until today.
  10. Ev!L-aLphA

    Ev!L-aLphA | n f e c t e D

    sweet =) to bad i cant see any of the darn hud or text or any thing with my new x800xt :sigh:
  11. sPaNk

    sPaNk New Member


  12. Dom

    Dom New Member

  13. Resistor

    Resistor Get it Going..

    This is just unbelievable... Nvidia losing by that much...
    Looks like 9800pro will be pretty on par with Nvidia then??
  14. Erroneus

    Erroneus Get off my lawn!

    Breathtaking :O

    Hardly suprising the scores :)

    Doom3 = nvidia game and HL2 = Ati game

    And thanks for this, hl2 looks much more cooler then doom3 :)
  15. germanjulian

    germanjulian Back in London

    lol look at that expensive PC with all that ueber hardware and that ueber nvidia card...
    now look at my system and what I got:

    1024x768 resolution: All settings at high and WATER REFLECTION = ALL not just characters but also the world:

    2AA and 8 AF = 40FPS
    2AA and 4AF = 42Fps
    2AA and no AF = 45Fps
    0AA and no AF = 76Fps
    0AA and 8AF = 65Fps.

    Veridian3 did you also enable to reflect all objects in the settings? (I am sure you did).

    look everybody my medium PC is nearly as fast as that nvidia ueber PC. rofl (me happy)
    me also happy nvidiots are unhappy now...
  16. germanjulian

    germanjulian Back in London

    no thats totally bull.

    Doom3 = nvidia game

    hl2 = full spec dx9 game with no optimization for ati cards. Gabell said they coded in optimization for nvidia cards cause they where running the game so bad.
  17. snake

    snake Active Member

    Great Job ! The truth is once again blazing from heaven :evil:
    ATI RULZ :cool: now we got the proof !
  18. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    Everthing was set to the max setting, yes.
  19. IamLakota

    IamLakota New Member

    Doesn't suprise me at all,I believe this is what was expected D3 would be an NV game and HL2 and Ati game, makes me happy I have two system's.But then again I'm playing D3 now and Hl2 isn't out yet. :D :D
  20. germanjulian

    germanjulian Back in London

    these results a quiete a bit worse then other nvidia results I just saw on ocforums...
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