E-mu PCIe devices

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eugene Gavrilov, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Eugene Gavrilov

    Eugene Gavrilov kX Project Lead Programmer and Coordinator

    Hi guys! It's been a very long time since my last visit here...
    Sorry, no luck with kX-related development at all.

    I've recently discovered PCIe (PCI Express) versions of the E-mu 1212m/1616m PCI devices. E-MU 1010 PCIe | Creative Labs Online Store

    Anyone tried them with kX? I haven't noticed any tracks of these devices in the linux drivers, and I don't know whether their PCI IDs are different/compatible/etc. with kX.

    Since everyone's moving towards PCIe, and some MBs even lack PCI anymore, it might be interesting to try these cards. Just in case.

  2. peate

    peate Active Member

    Hi Eugene.

    Personally, as long as my old Live card works and I can use kX DSP, I'm happy. It might be many years still before the PCI slot is gone completely, look how long ISA hung around.

    But I have to say, those new emu card are tempting, just to hear the sound quality.

    Nice to hear from you, btw, looks like everyone forgot who you were, LOL.
  3. Eugene Gavrilov

    Eugene Gavrilov kX Project Lead Programmer and Coordinator

    Îòâåò: E-mu PCIe devices


    anyway, no progress with kX at all at the moment... sorry for that...

  4. TravelRec.

    TravelRec. Alternative Audioproductions

    Re: Îòâåò: E-mu PCIe devices

    Hi Eugene, is it a matter of time or money or both of them ;) ? For me it´s the job and the family that eats up all the time that could be otherwise used to make some music. I always remember and miss the old times of 2000...2005 somehow...

    Greeings and Regards
    TravelRec :)
  5. vikflash

    vikflash New Member

    Hi Eugene

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the development of KX. It has been a really great project (a kind of example about David vs Goliath ;o)
    It's been really stimulating over these years and it's really been a pleasure that I had the ability to give a small contribution since Dec 16, 2002.

    I bought a few months ago a X-Fi Elite Pro on a win7 PC. But after using KX drivers, creative ones still really lacks flexibility. I know that PCI slots are disapearing and the standart is dying but infortunately I haven't tried PCI-E soundcards

    Sometimes I ask myself what kind of project you're now workin' on, how do you spend your time and what makes you dream now ^^

    Thanks again to all the KX team and contributors


    PS : I still got 4 PCs with kx drivers and I'm still satisfied
  6. Eugene Gavrilov

    Eugene Gavrilov kX Project Lead Programmer and Coordinator

    Îòâåò: E-mu PCIe devices

    guys, thank you for your warm words... really...

  7. JGSF

    JGSF New Member

    Hi, Eugene.

    I've been so happy with my PCI cards running kX that I won't be needing anything else so soon. :p I'll report back if I ever get one of those PCIe cards, but that will be unlikely in a near future.

    Thank you guys for everything.
  8. trex_daemon

    trex_daemon New Member

    Hi Eugene. I would like to thank you for this great driver. I'm using it since 2005, and hopefully I will be able to use it in the future.
    I'm coming back with regularity to this forum, to see if there are any news :)

    Keep up the good work, no matter what is that :)
  9. Mata Hari

    Mata Hari Active Member

    It's of cource very nice to see all thanks to Eugene (here too, thanks very much!).
    But nobody really answered the question, does anybody have any experience with the EMU-1010-PCIe?
    I too would be very interested in a kX capable pci-e card.
  10. Eugene Gavrilov

    Eugene Gavrilov kX Project Lead Programmer and Coordinator

  11. DReaMLaND

    DReaMLaND New Member

    I hope that the following informations will be useful : the E-MU 1212M PCIe still uses a CA10300-IAT as DSP, which is PCI native. If you look at this picture ( http://www.ferra.ru/images/265/265810.jpg ) you will se one P17C9X, a PCI to PCIe Bridge.
  12. Resaca

    Resaca New Member

    Any news about it :rolleyes: ... I'm very interested in a Snowleopard driver for emu 1212M pci-e. In my 1212m, outputs work fine, but no inputs and without them I can not record :(. It would be much appreciated, give support to the inputs of these cards, since there is no driver for Mac OS X, and Logic, Protools, etc only works on Mac. Thanks for your support ;). (sorry for my bad english :oops:)
  13. ezeeri

    ezeeri New Member

    First test of 1212m PCIe win 7 x64
    I removed Audigy and put the Emu.
    Alredy installed KX krivers give the error.
    Instalation of KX with error communicate after I choose the the card (PCI DEVICE) but installation was compleated.
    Reboot and all looks normal (no errors).
    I can play the mp3 thru SRC FXBUS or SPDIG/AC3 (primary sound device in windows mixer) and it seems to work internal (I see the signal at mixey4x2)
    I have NO output and NO input thru the card's connectors.
    Analog in/out does not respond
    ADAT connected to my yamaha AW4416 give everywhere noises and cracks withouyt sound and I cannot synchronize Yamaha to EMU (I'm not sure but maybe it is higher 24/196 or other standard that yamaha does not support). I was not using ADAT from computer. Similar effect is when connecting other devices to ADAT using wrong clock.
    Yamaha cannot synchronize to emu SPDIF.

    KX show KX Generic [5000]

    3551 driver looks similar to 3550.
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  14. ezeeri

    ezeeri New Member

    edspctrl -defaults returned:

    ==== E-mu E-DSP initialization
    ==== FPGA is not programmed, upload FPGA firmware...
    Warning: your E-DSP card is not recognized, assume it is v2 EM8960-like
    Error: FPGA programming failed!
    ==== E-DSP Parameters were reset to defaults
    ==== Dock is not connected
    ==== Current E-DSP status
    Card: 'kX Generic [5000]'
    Options: c6 - Sync Dock_online
    Hana ID: c6
    Versions: 1.116, 255.118, 83
    Dock is Powered-off. [0xc6]
    WClock: 6 [Reserved]
    Def clock: -1
    HANA is Unknown!
    HANA IRQs: c6
    SPDIF mode [c6]:
    Out: Consumer; Copy-protected
    In: ; Professional
    Optical Type: [c6] -- Input: SPDIF, Output: ADAT
    MIDI In: dock1, none [c6]
    MIDI Out: c6
    LEDs: 1 74 ff
    ADC pads: c6 - Dock_2 Dock_3
    DAC pads: c6 - Dock_2 Dock_3
    Dock misc: [c6] DAC mute: 0110 headphones: 12
    ADAT Locked : 33345
    SPDIF Unlocked
    BNC Locked : 24576000
    SPDIF Locked : 45093
    reg 14-1f:[c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6]
    reg 30-3f:[c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6] [c6]
  15. Russ

    Russ New Member

    It seems kX did not recognize the PCI ID of that card, so it did not know which firmware to use.
    You might be able to get around that by uploading the firmware using kxctrl.exe (kX Console).
    Again, I do not know a lot about these cards, but I did see a "-ufpga" option listed in kxctrl that appears to be used to upload firmware by filename (of course you would need the right firmware, etc).

    It might be best to just wait for Eugene to reply, but I am not sure how often he checks in here, so you may want to contact him by email (using contact info from kX Project web site).
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  16. ezeeri

    ezeeri New Member

    I will wait.
  17. Resaca

    Resaca New Member

    I have the same problem on Snow. It seems that the firmware of the FPGA has changed somewhat to adapt to pcie. Outputs work fine on Mac Os X, but Inputs not appears :tears:. Thanks :p
  18. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood HH's curmudgeon

    I thought KX drivers for Mac didn't have recording capability anyways.... whichever card was being used.
  19. ezeeri

    ezeeri New Member

    The funny thing is... when I had in computer EMU 1212m and audigy2 there was a moment that I coud use inputs from Prolog of EMU. Output was non working. When I removed audigy input of Emu gone.
    I was not testing this hardly and not trying to insert audigy again.

    I dont like EMU drivers (I have problem with WDM recording under win7x64)
    I think that loading firmware same as 1212m PCI should help.
    So please tell me more about loadking firmware process.
    I dont know about type of allocation of firmware. I can try load it manually but I need to know is there a chance to destroy or made a kind unusable the card.
    If the firmware is loading every time I start Windows or if the firmware will be reloaded when I install EMU drivers there is no risk because I can repair it any time.
    But if the firmware reloadad to bad choice of KX can made card unusable for a time I would better wait for Eugene.
  20. Russ

    Russ New Member

    Again, your best bet is probably to email Eugene and ask him directly...

    I doubt that loading the wrong firmware would harm your card (from the info in your previous message, it seems that kX already tried with the wrong firmware (probably emu1010b), and I do not think it would guess like that if there was a possibility of hurting the card), but I cannot say for sure (but I wouldn't recommend trying just any file).

    I think it might use the same firmware (just a guess) as the PCI card, but I am not sure where you would get this firmware file from (i.e. to try to load using kX Console ufpga command (I assume it is looking for some binary version of the firmware (maybe the firmware from ALSA?, or maybe there is something on the EMU install CD?), but I am not sure)). I could probably modify edspctrl to load the firmware that it uses for the PCI card, but it's source code has me a little confused:

    Comments in the source code (edsplib.cpp) seem to indicate that the 1212m PCI is a probably a k8 model, and comments in hana_netlist.h seem to indicate that it contains the firmware for the 1212m, but I do not see any path in the source code that loads that firmware for any k8 model (also, the warning you got previously appears to only be shown with (unknown) k8 models).

    Beyond the above, there is also the audio dock, which may have the same problem (i.e. different ID, etc).

    BTW: You should probably post kX's "About..." info as well (to show PCI ID info, etc).
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