eMachines can suck my fat one!

Discussion in 'Flame Warzone' started by Fouisgras, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Fouisgras

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  2. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    You need to unplug everything. Pack it up, and send it back to the folks you bought it from. You are too stupid to own a computer.

    YOU bought it dumbass. I guess that for someone with an IQ 2 points lower than a rock you did the best you could though.

    eMachines are perfectly good systems for what they are designed for, and a hell of a lot better than what you get from Dell and others. They aren't high-end gaming systems, and have never claimed to be. You were too stupid to figure that out. Sucks to be you.

    OH...and no matter what your mommy told you...something the size of your pinky finger is NOT a 'fat one'.
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  3. Trusteft

    Trusteft HH's Asteroids' Dominator

    When did you buy your PC?
    Also, usualy when a mainboard has an integrated graphics solution, you can still install a seperate graphics card.
  4. OmegaRED

    OmegaRED Relapsed Gamer

    Haha...well I basically agree.

    If you buy an Emachine you have no right to complain when it can't be upgraded into a Gaming rig :rofl:

    Must have been the sticker that fooled him
  5. cozumel

    cozumel I'm dangerous but cute...

    hmmm....think you guys are being a bit extreme. The sales guys were probably as misleading as possible while staying within the law. But hey, this is FWZ, and maybe you are not the sharpest tool in the box if you did not bother checking the specs independently.

    Welcome to DriverHeaven dumbass!!! I mean foulass!!
  6. thunderclap

    thunderclap New Member

    eMachine's have always been absolute shit.
  7. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    Oh really?

    I have a good friend that is still using an eMachine with a P266 in it. He uses if everyday, and has never had a problem. Granted all he does is email and web surfing, and doesn't care that it's slow.

    eMachine is probably the best of the non-botique, pre-built systems available. You just have to use them within their limits.

    Thinking that you are going to use an eMachine for high-end gaming, is like thinking you are going to be able to go racing in F1 with a Toyota Corolla :rofl:
  8. brutusmaximus

    brutusmaximus New Member

    ermm, are you defending emachines? not sure your argument is helping them lol. you basically just said your friend who does the most basic things and doesn't care if its slow thinks his is fine. I have a feeling you are on the wrong forum to be saying those things !
  9. OmegaRED

    OmegaRED Relapsed Gamer

    No, Buzzard is right, Emachines are made for nothing but word processing and internet surfing. If you're fine with less than stellar operating speeds then it's a good brand for those who want a fully functional computer at a low price.

    The only one in the wrong forum is the guy who came on her to bitch about his word processor not being able to play Crysis :D
  10. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    Yes, I AM defending eMachine. It's all about using the right tool for the right job.

    I'm not sure what eMachine the OP has, but I bought w3115 eMachine for #2 son when he went to UC (Cincinncti), and it's serving him quite well. It does have integrated video, but it also has a PCIe x16 slot if he really wants to upgrade, and will support 2gig of RAM as well. I'll also note that everything in it is INDUSTRY STANDARD...no propritary bullshit like Dell and others, It's easily upgradable.

    I'll bet that 99% of the people on enthusiast sites like this that dump on eMachine have really had no experience with them, and just parrot what 'everyone knows'.

    Just like in real life. A 12" pecker is a good thing if you are in the pr0n industry, but whip that sucker out on an average lady, and she will take one look at it and say "You aren't stickin that in ME!" :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  11. g35x

    g35x Hellhound Pilot

    I agree, emachines are fine for what most people use them for: basic computing: email, internet, word processing. now, when anyone in my school has a question about getting into pc gaming, they come to me, so there are a few of them who have emachines with no agp or pcie slot, just pci slots, and I just had to tell them that they woulden't be able to get a very good graphics card without getting a new computer too. but this was also the case with a few dells and compaqs, no agp or pcie, just basic pci.

    now, some of that is the opposite, the dell, compaq, emachine, etc had a pcie or agp slot, I reccomended a good graphics card and maybe some more ram, and they're playing battlefield2 with the best of them.

    basically, if your not going to build your own computers, at least get educated on what a pc your going to buy needs to have in order to turn it in to what you want, and nowadays, that would be a pcie slot and support for up to 2gigs of ram. some computers being sold nowadays have those requirements, some don't.

    but, I have to say, the image omega posted that said "never obsolete"....I kind of hate emachines now lol.
  12. BiGBrOwNPimpsta

    BiGBrOwNPimpsta HH's #1 Hustla and Pimp

    the stickers are probably worth more than the computer
  13. loosebruce26

    loosebruce26 New Member

    Emachines, Time computers and those computers that came in a box that looked like a cow should all be removed from this planet.

    I had a time PC it was great for about a month but then Windows 2000 came out and I was stuck with 98 for 5 years :(
  14. OldBuzzard

    OldBuzzard DH's oldest Geek

    As should people too stupid to do a bit of research before buying a new system.

    Not their fault you weren't smart enough to know that a new OS was coming out...it's not like they kept it double top secret or anything.

    If you would have spent less time romancing the sheepies, and more time researching, you could have avoided all that :D
  15. Wilier

    Wilier New Member

    I dont have any experience with E machines, but they sound a little like the old Tiny machines we used to have in the UK, and like Buzzard says, they do exactly what the "majority" of people want from a PC, ie. surfing, bank accounts, word processing, emptying their digi camera etc.

    I build quite a lot of PC's for people at work (probably about 6 a month), and 80% of my orders are from people just wanting a very basic, bare bones machine for which integrated graphics are perfectly acceptable. To be honest, its actually quite difficult to compete with the likes of Dell and Time etc from a cost pov, but the support they get (and the software package) from me is far better......
  16. frg1

    frg1 New Member

    my 2003 emachines still as good as i bought which means it isnt great for anything but internet
  17. SFOSOK

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    You are moron.

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