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Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by Regular John, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Regular John

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    Hey guys, I did a search for this topic and didn't find anything so sorry if its been asked before.

    I have a Creative Audigy 2 Zs with the latest drivers and all. I have a problem occassionally when I'm listening to music or anything with the sound where all of a sudden the volume will get really loud until I change it with the little hand changer, or it will get very low and then raise again. Essentially it fluctuates. I can't pinpoint anything I do when this occurs so I really don't know whats causing it. Any thoughts?
  2. Holonet

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    Well I'm just shooting in the dark here... But I do have a few thoughts just in the mere case one is correct :eek:. One whacky one is Final Fantasy 7 for the PC...when you go into the config, there is a logorithmic volume control that can be checked or unchecked...but I've never had that affect anything spontaneously or even outside the game, so I doubt it... If you use Yahoo Messenger, and go into the chat rooms and adjust the voice volume within that, it changes the wave volume in the volume control I believe...and if you go in and out of that, it will change the volume to and from the setting you had it in Yahoo...or if there's any other program that you have that could do that as well...

    Umm...if you're doing any recording while this is going on, some programs will automatically notice the level being too high or low and then alter the gain (like there's a 20db boost in the mic settings for Windows...), though I'm not sure how that would affect output...just thoughts :lol:. ...or maybe you have a virus that denormalizes files randomly haha... I don't know it sounds like a weird problem, but that's all I can think about it...

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