sues Valve Software, LLC for $25.5M ?

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  1. daRk_heLmet

    daRk_heLmet Keep firing, assholes!, Red Planet, LLC is filing a lawsuit against Valve Software, LLC for 25.5 million plus compensation. Since early this year, Valve Software, LLC changed their Steam billing to "STEAM GAMES WWWSTEAM 425 07/27STEAM GAM" making it appear as though it's from's

    Valve Software changed this billing description after they wanted to purchase for $8. declined. Records and statements from various Steam purchases do show that they did mislead consumers to for technical advice/solutions and questions regarding billing. "Our staff went from 10 to 40 because of this problem" says Andy Hodges, Executive Producer for GameSHOUT Radio. Our domain was never meant to support Valve Software's problem or technical advice, or billing questions.

    "Only recently have we changed the homepage of just to be basic so we didn't have to staff so many people. They have wiped out our bank account due to Steam Supoort and us hiring more staff" says Andy Hodges, Excutive Producer for and GameSHOUT Radio.

    "We started the Steam Games domain only to be a fansite for Steam. Valve wanted to buy the site for $8. We disagreed on the purchase. Since that date, they have promoted Steam Games in all their billing causing us to staff more people to handle the problems. Our advice to all Steam game related purchasing has been "contact Valve Software" and this has used up resources for our company & staff" says Andy Hodges.

    The Lawsuit against Valve Softare, LLC is underway.
    Source: Gameshout (Article date unknown, but seems recent)
  2. EcPercy

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    Now they understand why valve wanted to buy the domain name. Seems they could have saved themselves a headache and sold the name.


    Also, this looks like it started sometime in 2003.
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  3. mike2h

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    sounds like valve is a bully. dont give them what they want at the price they want & they will make you suffer. i know that is overstating it a bit, but it sounds like that is what happened.
  4. daedal

    daedal Uber Coffee Drinker

    8 dollars? That's just stupid. At least make a reasonable offer.
  5. AttroPheed

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    lol at $8 :rofl:
  6. EcPercy

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    This was the page with the story, but apparantly everything was removed because they made a deal with valve.

    I had a nice post all typed up, but the point is this. I looked on on their whois lookup for both sites: and was registered in 2004 was registered in 2000

    From that it appears that the guy was intentionally trying to misdirect people to his site. He was scamming from what I can see. Don't they call this cypersquatting where someone buys a name and doesn't really do anything with the name and then try to get some enormous sum of money for the name?

    I don't know for sure, but I didn't think that they even sold games on steam until HL2 (which came in 2004) I know I just converted my CS WON ID to a STEAM ID.

    Anyway, from looking at the post it appears that everything is settled. I am sure that he did not get his 25mil though.

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