GameStop trade-in rip off:

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by EcPercy, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. EcPercy

    EcPercy Well-Known Member

    I happened to be in the mall this past weekend and stopped in at a GameStop to see what their trade-in values were for consoles (mainly the one's I own). Here is what I was told.

    Slimline PS2: $50

    Nintendo GameCube: $25

    Sony PSP: $60

    I was not actually going to trade in the PSP, but I am considering getting rid of the PS2 and GameCube, but at those trade-in values it is not going to happen. All of the consoles are pretty new and still have the aftermarket warranty. I will keep them until that runs out.

    They sell the Slimline PS2 in their site for $129. GameCube for $100. PSP for $249.
  2. niceguyrichy

    niceguyrichy b b b b b BEER

    yeah, that's no money for those :(
    throw them onto ebay, get the xmas buyers paying decent money for them
  3. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    well...yeah! they are trying to make a big fatty profit. Gamestop never really was a good company anyway. I dislike them for their high prices, bad business practices, and generally rude employees.

    you knwo what blows me away though? EB (owned by the same company) has such nice employees. Two stores across the street from eachother, yet for the past 5 years the gamestop has attracted rude punks and the EB gets really nice polite and fun people to work there. odd.

    anyway those trade-in rates are pathetic. I hope nobody goes for those. Its like them saying the White DS Lite had a trade-in of $60 towards a black or pink DS. :p
  4. MIG-31

    MIG-31 HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    They are extremely poor prices...... list them on ebay and you will get much better prices than any store's trade in offer... after all they are only after the profit margin.

    i for one used to trade games to stores untill i found ebay was a much better source,on most items i doubled the stores offer at least.
  5. Counterfe1t

    Counterfe1t New Member

    Gamestop is the reason i stopped going to stores to buy things, now i get almost everything online. at least there im not harassed by pushy salesman and employees who think they know everything about the industry.....they wouldnt be working at gamestop if they did.
  6. dj_stick

    dj_stick Apple Fanboy? Staff Member

    hey it's fun to argue with them and prove them wrong though

    sometimes when i'm bored on a break from work i go to the nearest pc/games shop to start an debate
  7. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    the EB by my house has this super cute girl working there that flirts with me all the time. I like to pretend shes actually interested but when I saw her flirting with the 12 yearold boys I knew she was trying to get sales. She conned some kid into spending all of his money on various games. The kid was puddy in her hands. She tried that on me too which was pretty funny. She wanted to show me a game but it was on the top shelf she she said I had to give her a boost. the ENTIRE TIME she was hitting on me. I figured I should compensate her for her efforts in the end so I did buy the game. I wanted Jade Empire anyway :p
  8. EcPercy

    EcPercy Well-Known Member

    Personally, I think that GameStop and EB have a monopoly on the game sales market. I have been talking with someone at work about opening a game store.

    We may talk some more about starting a franchise.
  9. Counterfe1t

    Counterfe1t New Member

    your right sometimes though it can get annoying a year ago i stepped into one to buy a copy of BF2 the guy at the counter went off about how pcgaming was going to die because of monthly fees and how he loves his xbox and live because there are no such charges on xboxlive *cough*retard. i guess he forgot you have to pay for xbox live and now with micro transactions.
  10. SFOSOK

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    you can't judge the company based on those prices. At least they offer something for those who can't go on E-bay. You have to think about it this way.

    for every 5 people who trade in PSP's maybe only 1 or 2 people will buy a used PSP. So they are trying to make money instead of having a stockpile of PSP's they paid 75% of the price for. I makes a lot of sense for a novelty store like Gamestop/EB (yes that is what it is considered).

    You should try to sell it to a friend, but I don't understand your complaint. Its not like they are trying to hid how much they would be buying it from you. This just sounds like complaining because its not convienent for you.
  11. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    well it is a bit sleezy. also, they would sell more if they didnt charge so much. Seriously when a used game is $3 less than full retail price and its missing the box and instructions theres something WRONG. Especially when their retail prices are higher than other stores in the first place. Now I'll grant you that they have a nice used game policy (full refund for returns which you wont get on a retail game) but still...i think its a little lame.

    I wouldn't ever say they have a monopoly though. They do not do nearly as much damage to the gaming industry as WAL-MART does.


    Anyway, when possible go to a local game store rather than a chain. There arent really any in Seattle but I was in a suburb of seattle today that had like 10 privately owned local gaming shops. it was really cool visiting them and talking to the owners. Course their prices weren't that much lower than gamestop but eh.

    Anyway as far as used consoles go, they sell pretty fast even at the draconian prices. $200 for a used PSP sounds okay at first since its about 20% off but when its missing most of its stuff AND its scratched up, it really isnt acceptable. I've never heard complaints at the gamestop about moving game consoles. In fact the one near my house gets a steady stream of dreamcasts (yes thats right...dreamcasts) and sells those off fairly well.
  12. Counterfe1t

    Counterfe1t New Member

    gemini is right in one thing the condition of their psp's are deplorable ive seen pawnshops carry psp's in a much better condition
  13. SFOSOK

    SFOSOK 939 Goin Strong

    How is it sleezy if overall it is your choice to buy and if you don't like it you can go somewhere else?

    I don't see the problem. If you don't like it go somewhere else and that really should be all there is to it in the retail industry.

    And about the PSP's...Don't buy them! Its just that simple! Its not like you guys are warning people about gamestop as they will see the condition of everything they buy. This thread is helpful in no way for anyone.

    I still don't understand this pointless whining about retail stores. If you don't like it don't buy it. If you don't want to buy it from them get it somewhere else. If you can make a better business do so. If you just want to sit as a consumer and complain how everything is not good enough for you shut the hell up already! (not an attack towards anyone just there is really no point for a thread like this).

    Maybe you bought something from Gamestop? and it was broken perhaps and they wouldn't refund your money. That problem does not belong in the off topic but in the retailer discussion. This thread however belongs in the flame warzone at best as it pretty much the same as saying your pissed at your mom for not filling your milk up all the way and giving you a half eaten cookie when you could have gotten it urself...

    Seriously guys, what do you hope to accomplish with this thread?
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  14. EcPercy

    EcPercy Well-Known Member

    I was pointing out that I inquired as to the trade-in values for used systems. Somehow we got off on a PSP bashing tangent...

    Anyway, it really doesn't matter. I would not trade in my PSP. I like it. I was just seeing what the values were.

    I believe GameStop and EB to be a rip-off if that is the prices they are willing to pay you. People will buy used equipment. The stuff I have is in Like-New condition (with the carry-in-replacement on everything)
  15. bobbytomorow

    bobbytomorow Banned

    heh yeah I like going into eb and arguing with the nerds who work in there, sometimes I pretend I'm a total noob then when the time is right I pwn them infront of the other customers. I had one employee thinking I was a complete noob and he was telling me how this game ran on his pc with his "best video card on the market" 6800 (this was like 2 months ago) and how its factory overclocked and no body can overclock their gpu's cuz they'll melt. I was listnening to this for a bit and then let him have it till his face was red and the female clerk acted like she had nothing to do with him.
  16. H3X4D3C1M4L

    H3X4D3C1M4L New Member

    Once I did something similar when one employee said I couldn't return the game and he'd mark that on the receipt unless I told him my system specs and he made sure they met the minimum requirement. What the hell business is it of his anyway? I just wanted to play Lego Star Wars. So I told him my specs as follows:

    -Am33 33Mhz processor with the optional math co-processor (pure HP there)
    -8MB SIMMS
    -250MB of hard drive space (4200RPM SCSI too!!!!)
    -Windows 3.1 with Dos 5
    -2 parallel ports and 2 serial ports
    -Joystick with autofire off and a game port
    -14.4 modem

    Needless to say he said I was crazy so I asked to see the manager (well demanded after he tried a line of BS), told him the situation and that his nosey employee was sexually harassing me (he was alone so he had no witnesses) and that I wouldn't be coming back.

    If he wasn't so adamant over wanting to find out my system specs (which is stupid I think he read the training manual wrong) I wouldn't have been forced to do that :)
  17. Vikingod

    Vikingod Int'l Fish Liaison

    I'm lucky enough to be friends with the managers of the local games stores in my area, i also worked for one of them (when it was EB), so I dont really get the poor customer service, but it doesnt surprise me. As far as used games go, Its just a business. Believe it or not, the only way those stores make money is through used games/consoles. They literally make $0 from new releases and new consoles. For them to be viable and stay in business, they have to make a profit (and no single store is turning huge profits), the best way is to sell used games. Loses can be large for them as well, which cuts into the profits.

    The way i see it, its like buying a car and expecting to turn a profit when you trade it in. It just won't happen. These things aren't exactly highly desirable real estate, and with how fast technology changes, they become obsolete pretty quickly. Keep your games when you buy them if you don't think the money is right. If you don't care, its a good way to save a few bucks when buying the next big game or console.
  18. bobbytomorow

    bobbytomorow Banned

    lmao thats hillarious! :D
  19. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    thats pure hogwash. they make bank on new releases. Used games rein in the profits, theres no doubt but new games pull in such high profits for the companies. Smaller companies maybe not, but big places like EB? I dunno if they're a franchise or not and if they are then maybe the individual franchises aren't doing as well...THAT I would believe...but the larger parent company makes bank on those.

    New consoles? sure they aren't making a profit but who is? Those are initially sold at a loss anyway (until fab plants get better).
  20. The_Neon_Cowboy

    The_Neon_Cowboy New Member

    you think thats bad, I tried to sell two games (in mint condition) that they where
    selling used for $19.99 and 24.99 . What did they offer me? 75 cents and $1.25...
    :rolleyes: I was like what a fucking waste of time. I sold them privatly for
    much much more. and they would only offer 75 cents for it.

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