Gay Marraige----what The F**k

Discussion in 'Flame Warzone' started by TJ-, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. TJ-

    TJ- New Member

    how can anyone accept gay marrige.... in 5 years people are gunna be wanting to marry their fuckin pets, goats,sheep, dogs etc

    hell for some strange reason,, people,, yes humans,, are having sex with animals,,,, what the fuck is goin on !!!!!
  2. YAYitsAndrew

    YAYitsAndrew Anti-Piracy Poster Boy

    Who are you to tell people what they should and shouldn't do?
  3. mkk

    mkk Well-Known Member

    battleaxe187. Go buy a good load of pot and turn on Fox News if you have it on cable. Then quietly smoke the pot, enjoy the show, and shut the fuck up.
  4. riles9262

    riles9262 Driverheaven brewmaster

    While I don't agree with gay marriages, you have to be understanding of their side too. You can't just dictate their courses of action because it discusts you. Go have a beer son and please keep quiet...kthxbye.
  5. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    now I realize this is the war zone...and I battleaxe is being rather obnoxious...but he has a point. Where IS the line? Now I am in support of gay marriage all the way, but I see valid points to his arguement. Where do we draw the line between what is acceptable and what isnt? You say people should do what they want? Well hey what if I wanted to go marry a 4 yearold boy and molest him? There are laws against that for good reason. There are laws against bestiality for good reason. So really people SHOULDNT be allowed to do what they want, because sometimes its bad. That brings up yet another point of "who decides what is bad?"

    this is all extremely complicated in my mind. But seriously, dont just shoot him down and tell him he is wrong. Its the warzone true...but I see this as a good place to debate rather than just flat out tell someone he should go smoke himself to death.
  6. Dom

    Dom New Member

    There's a big difference between homosexuality and beastiality. Homosexuality envolves two same sex members of a singular species engaging in sexual activities. Specifically: sodomy/oral or anal sex. Beastiality envolves at least one human engaing in sexual acts with a member of a different species.

    Where's the line drawed?

    A sexual or physical act envolving one or more consenting adult persons not resulting in the infraction of state law is legal.

    In other words: one or more persons above the age of 18 whom consent to a(n) act(s) involving sex or other physical activities as long as it doesn't kill or mame someone is okay.

    Consent is the key word. Two humans can consent to sex. An animal cannot give consent and is therefore illegal to engage in such acts.

    There is nothing spectacular about letting gays get married - they're humans. Legalizing two humans to marry each other is not crossing some line that will lead us to legalize inter-species marriage.

    Sodomy was/is being leagalized not soley because of homosexuals but because of heterosexual too. There's nothing really special about two gay people getting married. Asking for the legalization of two same sex people is not asking for special privileges.
  7. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    well im glad you think so Dom, but obviously one person disagrees with you here and I know MANY more that disagree. I think they're...un-informed(to put it nicely) and not very open minded...but they disagree none the less.
  8. Necrosis

    Necrosis New Member

    The whole arguement is about "legalization" not about marriage.
  9. pr0digal jenius

    pr0digal jenius Delete Me

    very true necro....i personally don't liek the idea of the government governing personal persuasions myself
  10. Dom

    Dom New Member

    Yes, it always boils down to opinion.
  11. jsx[ifl]

    jsx[ifl] DH's Unofficial Hero

    more woman for me.
  12. Jake-0

    Jake-0 New Member

    The whole issue is morality. Sodom and Gomarrah were wiped off the planet for deviant behavior. Immorality, beastiality and homosexuality. Any who take pleasure in these things are going against bible standards and will be held accountable for it.
  13. pr0digal jenius

    pr0digal jenius Delete Me

    and they have every right to choose such, it is not the government's place to use divine intervention to save these people from whatever biblical fate they may recieve.
  14. TJ-

    TJ- New Member

    thank you, jeez,, so many people need to open teir eyez
  15. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    EXACTLY pr0digal. I think the government needs to remember that theres a thing called seperation of church and state.

    By the way, the bible is open to interpretation and just because some 18th century catholic bishop decided to read it that way, doesnt mean that that is ACTUALLY what it means. Alot of scientists and christian scholars have been researching the original greek versions of the bible and appearently some words translate to english very differently. They've found possibilities of many gay relationships in the bible. I think the deal with Sodom and Gomarrah is that they were basically being skank-ass whores. You can have man on woman sex and it still be considered damning as far as conservatives believe. Hell, when I lived in Oklahoma, Oral sex was a crime. It was AGAINST THE LAW TO HAVE ORAL SEX! It was also considered damning by many of the southern baptists there. I move to Seattle and...LOL well lets just say all the kids are doin it...or just more open about it.
  16. TJ-

    TJ- New Member

    times were alot different back in the 18th centuary,,,

    ORAL SEX A CRIME____ whats the jail term for that.?
  17. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    sodomy. Its considered sodomy in Oklahoma. In fact any form of sex besides the capital position(or whatever they call it here. in oklahoma that meant woman laying down on her back with the man on top. only legal way to have sex) was a crime.

    anyway I think(hope) its changed since then, but somehow I doubt it.
  18. YAYitsAndrew

    YAYitsAndrew Anti-Piracy Poster Boy

    There are even studies on the bible saying that mary wasn't a virgin. The word used in the original text means young girl. Someone chose the wrong translation and used a word that means virgin and young girl. Then the next translation chose the word virgin. The theory continues on to say that mary was a whore. Don't ever tell a christian though because they FLIP OUT. They don't want to hear stuff like this when it affronts one of the core beliefs of their religion.

    Pretty interesting stuff.
  19. Dom

    Dom New Member

    If there were any proof that that happened or proof of God, you'd have a point. Besides, there's a seperation of church and state, so that wouldn't matter.
  20. TJ-

    TJ- New Member

    the bible is as true a one of those damn tabloid magazines

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