geForce Mx 4000 on omega drivers

Discussion in 'NVIDIA Graphics Cards' started by Bloodelf, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. Bloodelf

    Bloodelf New Member

    When you install the Omega Drivers it asks you to select which card you have and my card is not listed (or maybe it is im not sure)
    But i see cards listed like
    Geforce mx 440
    Geforce mx 460
    etc and i cant seem to find geforce mx 4000.

    IBM Netvista 2292 21u
    Windows ME
    1.60 Ghz intel pentium 4
    256 mb of ram
    BFG tech nvidia Geforce mx 4000 8x agp 128 mb of vram
    Sound blaster live! value ibm deskstar(Not the death star version!)
    52 24 52 ide-5224 Cd-rw drive
    16x dvd lite on sohd-167t
    direct x 9.0c
  2. toyomatt84

    toyomatt84 New Member

    It's possible that your card might not be supported by that specific driver. Check the details of the drivers to see if it is supported or not.

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