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GeForce2 MX400/400 works in Windows 7 !

Discussion in 'NVIDIA Graphics Cards' started by Nicu Balmus, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Nicu Balmus

    Nicu Balmus Сказочный долбоёб

    I found the drivers for GeForce2 that will work with Windows 7, but without Aero theme...

    You can download the driver from here:
    Download from here !

    Do not run Setup...Update manually and will work.

    I personally tested them and works fine. Played NFS Underground, without crashes(but laggy,10-15fps)...Counter Strike 1.6 had about ~15-30 FPS..

    Enjoy :D
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  2. Nicu Balmus

    Nicu Balmus Сказочный долбоёб

    hellooo,, not one reply ?!
  3. iPlayer

    iPlayer Filled with noobsauce

    Honestly speaking I doubt there's a lot of people that can make use of this.

    v Well there's your reply now. haha
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  4. skinnymccallum

    skinnymccallum New Member

    I worked great I will be returning here I do PC work for friends
  5. Heinzelmann

    Heinzelmann New Member

    AW: GeForce2 MX400/400 works in Windows 7 !

    Thank you very much, xProg.

    I just finished the installation of Win7 on an old PC and it seemed that there will be no way to get the Geforce2 MX400 to work. There are many threads around this problem but here is the solution - only this works!

    Missing Aero-Theme is no problem, too: Winflip for XP, TrueTransparency for XP and Glass2k will generate the 3D-Flip Window-Effect, make the border of the Window translucent (TrueTransparency) and generates a translucent Taskbar (Glass2k).
    Not fast enough for actual games but nice to work with.

    Regards - Heinzelmann
  6. Nicu Balmus

    Nicu Balmus Сказочный долбоёб

    u're welcome, Heinzelmann.
  7. Chainsaw Octopus

    Chainsaw Octopus New Member

    xProg, you are the man! I just got Windows 7 running on my family's old Dell Dimension 4400 and this was the last thing that was giving me problems.
  8. DarkSchalie

    DarkSchalie Not a Newbie

    Love you ^_^
  9. pre269

    pre269 New Member

    Link to download is broken , hahaha
  10. Heinzelmann

    Heinzelmann New Member

    AW: Re: GeForce2 MX400/400 works in Windows 7 !

    Use the official source for the Forceware 71.89 Driver and it will work.
  11. ray-candlelight

    ray-candlelight New Member

  12. ray-candlelight

    ray-candlelight New Member

    nieuw link is up to date

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