graphics card-nvidia-gtx 660ti- 3 choices... please help!

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graphics card choice

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  1. Zotac GF GTX 660Ti AMP! Extreme Edition 2GB DDR5

  2. Asus GF GTX660 TI-DC2T-2GD5 PCIE 3

  3. GigaByte GF GTX660Ti, 3GB, PCI-E 3.0

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  1. alkis797

    alkis797 New Member

    hi all i am new here in the forums ! well i want your advice on what graphics card should i buy
    ... i have 3 in mind ...
    1st.....Zotac GF GTX 660Ti AMP! Extreme Edition 2GB DDR5
    2nd....Asus GF GTX660 TI-DC2T-2GD5 PCIE 3
    3ed....GigaByte GF GTX660Ti, 3GB, PCI-E 3.0
    i want professional opinions !
    at first i was going for asus because its shame brand as my mother board
    and had 1 of the best base and boost clock speed... but then i found the zotac that had even better...!!! so you will ask me "why the GigaByte?"..its because of the "3 Giga" now the games as crisis 3 require more ram and in the future they will require even more.. so 1 extra Giga is worthy of sacrificing clock speed??? please tell me your opinion and your suggestions ... olso you can show me another card that have them all in one + i would like it to be silent because i have my pc right next to me on my desk ;) ... my budget is 300-400 euros! ps... i would also like to have a monitor program in the box like EVGA asus and gigabyte have... so i can easily adjust my settings ... also i have an G19 keyboard so EVGA's monitor program had a display in my keyboard showing all the details wen i was in the game ... very cool ... i would like my next card to have sum-thing like that ...if you ask...
    " why you don't get the evga 660 ti 3gb card ?"
    its because of the low clock speed...
    well that is all thanks for reading such a big post and hopefully thanks for replying !!! :D

    ( i have the MAXIMUS V FORMLA...i7_3770k...8 GB OF dominator RAM ...gs800W...and a gtx 550ti EVGA that i want to replace..)
  2. malmental

    malmental System Builder > Hardware Specialist

    no 3GB GTX 660 Ti.... if you go with a 660 Ti just stay with the 2GB version.
    the 192-bit interface can't push out 3GB worth of VRAM graphics...

    JUST IN CASE you are planning on a Surround set-up (three screens) then you need to start with the GTX 670 or SLi GTX 660 Ti's.
    one 660 Ti will not do triple screens that well.

    with that being said @ 1080p resolution or lower the GTX 660 Ti is a stellar performer.
    but all you need is a 2GB overclocked version.
    I had the MSi N660-Ti (GTX) 2GD5 PE/OC version since November when it first came out.
    I just recently moved up to the GTX 670 PE/OC model.
  3. alkis797

    alkis797 New Member

    wow thanks for your opinion i want to add evga to the game ...

    EVGA GeForce GTX 660 Ti FTW+ 3GB w/Backplate


    well so even with use less 3 gb what should i chose zodiac? evga or asus?

    remove the red _ and you will get the link
  4. malmental

    malmental System Builder > Hardware Specialist

    link still didn't work, go to and try and find the card there to link..
    or type in the item number of the card itself so I can look.

    if you got 660 Ti then look for an overclocked version..
  5. MIG-31

    MIG-31 HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

  6. malmental

    malmental System Builder > Hardware Specialist

  7. alkis797

    alkis797 New Member

    thanks a lot MIG well malmental you are voting for???
  8. malmental

    malmental System Builder > Hardware Specialist

    what other options do you have.?
  9. alkis797

    alkis797 New Member

    well a lot of people from other forums tell me to get the evga gtx 680
    Item#: N82E16814130768 new egg ...!!! you have sum-thing better to suggest ?
  10. malmental

    malmental System Builder > Hardware Specialist

    something better or something better as in price / performance ratio.?
  11. alkis797

    alkis797 New Member

    something that have even better price = to the efficiency of the card ... to be 100% worth of my money...
  12. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    I've said it before, imo, stay away from cards using stock coolers (as per the EVGA one). Not that it doesn't work, but rather that the stock coolers are noisy under load, and are not as effecient at cooling when compared to the 3rd party coolers. Most cards with 3rd party coolers such a the DCU on the Asus cards can be as much as 20 degrees cooler and as much as 15dB quieter under load/full fan than the stock Nvidia design.

    IMO, go with either the Asus GTX660 TI-DC2T-2GD5 (if you can still find it that is as it's been discontinued), or the Zotac GF GTX 660Ti AMP! Extreme Edition. I would also look at the Asus GTX660 TI-DC2O-2GD, which is the same card with slower clock rates.

    Also, stay away from the Gigabyte card. It does perform very well, but having experienced Gigabytes RMA department time and again over the years I can't stress enough how much you want to pass on them. They are really good when it comes to servicing their motherboards, but they are terrible when it comes to their video cards.

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