GTA: San Andreas installer (setup.exe) crash

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by birdbeast, Jul 12, 2005.

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    I have a somewhat frustrating problem with GTA:San Andreas. This
    problem is NOT with running the game -- it's with installing the game.
    I can't even get 5 seconds into the installation process. I will
    detail my experiences below.

    When I click setup.exe (or, when I click "Install Game" from within
    the AutoPlay demoshield launcher), I select what language to use for
    the installation (English), and the InstallShield loading progress bar
    appears. Immediately when the progress bar finishes, a maximized
    window appears for a fraction of a second with some kind of graphic
    with a woman on it and immediately crashes/disappears.

    I repeat that this phenomenon occurs regardless of whether I'm using
    setup.exe or the "Install this game" menu item. No change.

    I've reinstalled the latest versions of my video and sound drivers. No change.

    I've changed resolutions/color depths and tried different combinations
    of enabling/disabling my second monitor. No change.

    I've attempted to copy all of the setup files from the DVD onto the
    hard drive and running setup from there. No change.

    I've attempted to use a different DVD drive. No change.

    I've tested my memory and everything is fine. Other games install
    without any problems.

    This works on another computer, but the video card in this computer is
    better so I want to play it on here.

    Is this a known issue? What can I do?

    Thanks for any help

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