GTA: San Andreas vs. Halo 2

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Xx#1BallerxX, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. Xx#1BallerxX

    Xx#1BallerxX Driver Heaven's MVP

    GTA 5 and Halo 2 are both great games in their own way. In Halo 2 you kill aliens, and in GTA you kill old people. I don't know if alot of you go to gamespot once in a while, but they seem to think that GTA is better than Halo 2. Personally I like Halo 2 much better because it actually has a storyline and it doesn't get quite as repetitive as Grand Theft Auto. But I just wanted to see everybody's opinion on wich game is better.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Halo 2? :D
  2. fireball

    fireball New Member

    I haven't played Halo 2 yet...But just being me i'd say San Andreas is better..Not to be rude or nothing..But San Andreas isn't GTA 5..Vice City and San Andreas were 'Additions' to GTA 3 so to speak...As if you remember in the original GTA..There were 3 citys - Liberty City, Vice City + San Andreas..The next game in the GTA series will be GTA 4...Now that my rambling is done...Back to the Thread Topic. ;)
  3. pr0digal jenius

    pr0digal jenius Delete Me

    to be honest, I haven't played either, GTA because I have no PS2, Halo2 just because I haven't gottena roudn to roomate has it, but won't May beat him up and steal it for a weekend soon tho :)
  4. riles9262

    riles9262 Driverheaven brewmaster

    I don't have those consoles so I haven't played them either :tears:
  5. CaptinSxb

    CaptinSxb New Member

    I like Halo 2 better, GTA is fun for a few hours but once it loses its awe factor it gets kinda boring, not quite as fast as the other GTA's but it still happens.

    One thing the sorta bugs me is when people say halo 2 is when you kill aliens. Thats not the part that makes it a good game, Mp is where its at.
  6. technonerd

    technonerd New Member

    I got both, I perfer Halo 2 over GTA. Both SP and MP are awesome.
  7. Sargentwhitey

    Sargentwhitey Has a JOB..

    I agree.. Halo 2 is much better.. it doesnt get old and boring nearly as fast as that recycled gameplay that is GTA :)
  8. rjpogi

    rjpogi New Member

    hmmm..... they're different gameplay so there's no point comparing them, Halo2 being a FPS shooter while GTA:SAN ANDREAS is an adventure/action game, but the great thing is they're both coming to PC,YAY!
  9. Xx#1BallerxX

    Xx#1BallerxX Driver Heaven's MVP

    Which one do you think that you get more for your money by playing?
  10. CaptinSxb

    CaptinSxb New Member

    if you have xbox live you get more for your money easily
  11. Counterfe1t

    Counterfe1t New Member

    i would have to say GTA:SA for two simple reasons, Complete Freedom, and after finishing Half life 2 its the next best thing to play afterwards. while Halo 2 has very strong multiplayer the singleplayer was annoying in my opinion i simply quit after the first few chapters but it is true coop is very fun.
  12. Blueagle

    Blueagle HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    I have to hand it to you Xx#1BallerxX, you really have a nack for creating outstandingly great threads. :) Thing that I admire most is, every winner you post starts of quite simply, ever so simply and then somehow it builds into a more complex platform for discussion of whatever topic may be in question!

    I've noticed that the general motion for people that play the games on the console is they hate GTA SA more than Halo 2, and for people who play games on the pc, it's the exact opposite; they prefer GTA SA and somewhat despise Halo 2 , I'm not saying this is how it is for everyone, just that this is how it is for most (I have a friend who's got GTA SA on the PS2 and he's compeletely crazy about it).

    As for me, I haven't played either yet, still waiting for both to be ported to the PC. But from my exp. from playing Halo on a pals X Box and playing & finishing GTA3 & VC on my pc, I think I'd prefer GTA SA, it's really a game that is enjoyable the better you are at it - which is why I think the console kids don't like it coz it's hard to control the character with a game pad as opposed to with the pc.

    Still, as someone said, it'd not be fair comparing the two. GTA SA and Halo 2 are two different kind of games to be honest. And GTA does have a storyline as well Xx#1BallerxX . :p ;)
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  13. JoeNukem61201

    JoeNukem61201 New Member

    There both good games but they are good in different ways.....GTA SA single player is great while halo 2's suffers......but the multiplayer is awsome in halo 2......soo i dont think there is a better game out of it.....
  14. topbob

    topbob New Member

    i beat halo 2 in 14 hours
    it took weeks to beat san andreas
    halo 2 has no replay value for me
    san andreas has tons
    can you guess the better game ?
  15. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

    Its hard to rate San Andreas as it runs so poorly on the ancient underpowered PS2 hardware. the potential is there but after 1 hour of shuddering and jerking around a blocky landscape I decided to wait until it hits the xbox/PC to give my vote.
  16. BiGBrOwNPimpsta

    BiGBrOwNPimpsta HH's #1 Hustla and Pimp

    xbox loves to run stuff at crappy framerates, but halo is is decent. but if you carefully do look at halo, the textures used on the buildings are extremely simple. ill give it that it is one of the MOST POLISHED games ever made, but it's graphics are over-rated and detail is not that high.

    gta san andreas is so big and creative that it feels scary, you really do feel your in another world. im not a huge graphics, but yea it pisses me off to see that graphics and glitches sets it back. but the amount of content just makes up for it and the game works fine. it doesnt crash, we get drops in framerate but nothing unplayable. it was a lot of hard work and pulls off so many things not perfectly but very well.
  17. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

    Utter rubbish man, ive got all the consoles, GTA vice city runs 40 times better on the XBOX than on the playstation 2. The new GTA on the PS2 runs around 10-15fps most of the time -if you call that "playable" well thats your call . the hardware is underpowered technically and ancient. I have played GTA san andreas on the PS2 and the game runs like crap. I dont know if you are piping your version through your pc or something ;) The xbox graphical power totally dwarfs the PS2 throughput.

    If you want I can post the spec list, but I suggest you actually read the facts and play some of the new titles like mercenaries before you continue to look rather silly ;)
  18. pr0digal jenius

    pr0digal jenius Delete Me

    PS2 to put this gently... "dated"

    it's Nintendo 64 era technology

    On top of that, it's "in house" games are not only non-existant, the few they do have are boring. The only good games that are "Only on PS2" are things Sony pays MILLIONS to the publishers to do that way.
  19. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

    Exactly, which is why in direct relation to this thread I cant vote as yet because I got so frustrated with frame rates dipping under 10 that I found it unplayable, a total jerkfest :( . Yes I know consoles arent right now cutting edge with even the xbox running a custom made Nv2x but the PS2 is just not capable of running anything modern with semi decent graphics. I know there are some great games on it, but lets face it, its time to move on.

    Whenever GTA SA hits the xbox or PC ill vote as to whether I think its better than Halo2. I found Halo2 a very good game but not a classic.
  20. Dark Lord

    Dark Lord Well-Known Member

    i played gta:sa and i thought it ran just fine. ya, there were some spots that it had an fps drop but over all i thought it ran pretty well.

    as for mercs... god that game sucks. i played it this weekend and found it to be unbelivably boreing. i dont see what all the hype about it is, it just gets so damn repetative after a few hours.

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