Guide: How to install SoundBlaster Audigy 2ZS drivers on Live!/Audigy/Audigy 2

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by BiGBrOwNPimpsta, May 6, 2004.

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  1. BiGBrOwNPimpsta

    BiGBrOwNPimpsta HH's #1 Hustla and Pimp


    Guys this mod is very outdated, so I have deleted the information. I get random emails and PM's about it, and would like to let everyone else know they should look to different avenues if they are looking to mod their SB Audigy nowadays. I am sure there are many other mods available on HH for your sound card, as driver modding has been rooted into the foundations of the site. Thanks for your support over the years!
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  2. Stuart_Davidson

    Stuart_Davidson Senior Editor Staff Member

    nice guide BBP - stuck.
  3. HardwareHeaven

    HardwareHeaven Administrator Staff Member

    Thread opened for discussion.
  4. iceboy

    iceboy New Member

  5. jtedaldi

    jtedaldi New Member

    Nice guide:D

    But, what improvements audigy 1 users will have?
  6. BiGBrOwNPimpsta

    BiGBrOwNPimpsta HH's #1 Hustla and Pimp

    better sound quality and lower CPU usage almost nothing actually for CPU usage from what i heard.

    sorry about the links I can't do anything, I have to find another. DVDkingdom gave one but it was an ISO and was toooooo slow.
    if anyone is willing to donate 500mb webspace please tell us! lol
  7. looks great...but

    I too can't seem to get the 8054link which is probably the one I need for my audigy2 Platinum.... In any case just wanted to say that I've been waiting for creative to do this, I'm glad someone's thinking on their feet:) help with link2 though...

  8. iceboy

    iceboy New Member

    what is the dvdkingdom link?

    anyway maybe u should use BitTorrent to share the files?
  9. BiGBrOwNPimpsta

    BiGBrOwNPimpsta HH's #1 Hustla and Pimp

  10. iceboy

    iceboy New Member

    thanks for the link, it's pretty fast, fluctuating at 100-150kb/s. For ISOs, I like to mount them using Nero Imagedrive, or Alcohol 120%. Sometimes, I can even 'unrar' ISOs using winrar. Still downloading :)
  11. Eli

    Eli New Member

    AISO enabled?

    will installing these audigy drivers will let me use ASIO (in low latency) on my sb live 5.1, just like i have when i use the KX drivers?

    anyone tested it on a SB Live! 5.1?
  12. ahh, the 'sound' of relief

    oh yea.... thanks for the iso link far so good....

    I've been dealing with some issues over some of creative's sotware not working quite right and quite frankly am only 90% happy with them so far.... but that's how the computer industry generally does things anyways.....Kinda like the government (if ya heard Rumsy 2day, lol)....sorry 'bout that last one....just sorta seemed appropo... I emailed Creative's support quite some time ago about integrating a 1/3 octave eq in their software (like winamp) and allowing 5.1 recognition thru the optical port and well, they tried:) some of it at least, hehehe

    thanks again for fiddling with this to make it Mo' Beta.....

  13. Genius

    Genius ID10T

    Works great minus one annoying issue. You cannot use the EAX Console if you're running the latest version (patched up to whatever release creative has) because the EQ patch overwrites something needed. I will revert to the original EAX Console just so I can have this EQ. I have been using the Audigy ZS drivers on my Audigy 2 for ages now (I thought it was common knowledge how to do this already) and the EQ is the only thing I really wanted. Thanks!
  14. me972

    me972 Active Member

    Why not buy a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS for less then 100$???
    I baught mine for 90$ ?!?! its not like having to mod a R9800SE/NP that cost 150-200$ to work like a PRO or XT that once used to cost over 400$ ....but on the other hand who cares?! just enjoy..... :)
  15. Genius

    Genius ID10T

    Because the day after I buy a ZS, which is a very very very very very minimal improvement (primarily software) over my Audigy 2, Creative will release another new card with another software bonus and very minimal hardware improvements called the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZX or some such crap. It never fails with Creative.
  16. Couldn't agree more!

    what a stupid posts.... just like the rest of what's wrong with this throw away type of mentality!!!! Make it work in the first place and we'll all be relatively amused....
  17. DiRtBaG

    DiRtBaG DriverHeaven Lover

    Thanks;) it works perfekt on my Audigy1, also EAX.....
  18. Genius

    Genius ID10T

    Well after reverting to the original EAX Console it still wouldn't work. I was getting an error message regarding DTS Neo6 Settings which I think I installed, don't think it works anyways. I tried uninstalling it and still had the same problem. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled my Audigy 2 drivers and software and applied the patch and everything is working fine. I haven't tried running any of the updates to the software yet. I will soon. Hope the EQ still works in conjunction with the newer software minus DTS Neo6.
  19. me972

    me972 Active Member

    and you think it doesn't fails with any other company???

    Intel announced 2 years ago that it can make a 20Ghz CPU cause they found a new silicone based matirial to creat the chips on...
    well??? nothing every month a slow update in speeds of 200Mhz and a pricer diff of 200$ for nothing!!! you pay 400$ on a 3.4Ghz CPU where as you can push 150$ 2.4Ghz to 3Ghz with no problems......

    and lets not start with NVIDIA and ATI that every 6 months dish out another 500 - 600$ high end card that you can get to by modding the half priced midrange cards to....(until the X800 seriese...I heard ATI was fed up with this and did some thing about it :-( )
    and lets not forget NVIDIA that came out with like 10 8 models last year....

    the National geographic channel on TV has a great series on animals called "Builed for the Kill" shows you how each animal evolved to be the best killer of its kind...
    THATS exactly what think about the computer industry.... no freeking way you can justify to me that a Graphics card by its self needs to cost as much a mans sallery - hell shouldn't even cost over 150$....if they had any brains they would all stop creating 3 kinds of cards....low mid and high...and just bring out the best for 150$ this way every PC owner would have the best...
    and instead of selling 10000 X800XT and PRO cards world wide you'd be selling millions!!!!

    pppppssssshhhhhhhh......needed to blow of some steem!!. :)
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  20. Genius

    Genius ID10T

    Glad you got that off your chest :p

    Didn't really prove a point to me... in fact you just reinforced my statement ;) I will upgrade my sound card when it becomes justified.
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