Hercules Prophet 9000 PRO 128 MB AGP problems with DELL 2405FPW

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by nl12439, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. nl12439

    nl12439 New Member

    Hi you all,

    It is my first post here so excuse me if I''m in the wrong place.
    Recently bought a Dell 2405FPW Widescreen flatpanel.
    Everything is running fine till now on the VGA Sub-D connector (1920*1200 / 60 Hz)
    When I hook the panel up to the DVI-I connector of my AGP card it starts giving me problems.

    The 2405FPW is possible of handling resolutions up to 1920*1200/60HZ on both the VGA and DVI-D input.
    When setting the display properties of the DVI output to more then 1600*1200 / 60 Hz the screen doesn't show anything, it only lights the backlight and no desktop (black).
    According to my display settings I can set higher resolutions then 1600*1200 / 60 Hz via the DVI-I port.

    I've been trying various sets of drivers from Omega and DHzero.
    The one I'm using at the moment is Omega 2.6.87.
    They didn't bring me any luck for solving my problem.

    After using the various driver sets I've been trying utils like Multires and Powerstrip.
    The powerstrip util brought me partial luck.
    It allowed me to bring up the DVI resolution above 1600*1200 and during this mode I was able to see my desktop via the DVI-D input of the dell.
    But then the problem started all over again when rebooting the computer...

    So my question(s) is/are:

    Is this a software/driver problem?
    Is it a hardware (as in card is not suitable to support 1920*1200 / 60 HZ via the DVI output) problem (couldn't find any specifications of the DVI output of this card)?

    If it is a software/driver problem do you guys have any suggestions for solving it?
    If it is a hardware problem (card not suitable) what might be a good replacement, I'm mainly using the card for image editing with photoshop. I want to use the DVI output for better image QA etc.

    Many thanks in advance for all your help guys.

    Best Regards


    system specs
    Hercules Prophet 9000 PRO 128 MB AGP (ASIC rev A12, bios P/N 133-TN-0964-002)
    Asus P4P800 SE (bios 1008.015, chipset I865PE)
    Intel P4 3.0 Ghz
    1 GB RAM DDR2
    WinXP Pro SP2 UK (fully updated)
  2. H3X4D3C1M4L

    H3X4D3C1M4L New Member

    Theoretically it should be able to do anything from 320x160 up to 2048x1536.

    I think it has to do with your DVI cable, some DVI cables be they single link can only do certain resolutions.

    Try it with an analog cable and see if that helps
  3. nl12439

    nl12439 New Member

    H3X4D3C1M4L vbmenu_register("postmenu_749138", true); ,

    Thanks for your reply...

    I've tried both my old cable and the cable that dell delivered with the monitor.
    Both no luck...

    I've tried it with both the VGAcard to VGAmonitor and DVIcard to DVI monitor.
    If I use the Analog (as in VGA) cable to the DVI of the monitor I loose image quality.

  4. H3X4D3C1M4L

    H3X4D3C1M4L New Member

    Yeah I know thats why I was hoping it'd be a last resort... have you contacted Dell, they might have a firmware update for your monitor?
  5. nl12439

    nl12439 New Member

    Did contact Dell per email/forum, but no reply till now.
    I've bought the dell via http://www.4launch.nl it is a good hardware retailer in holland.
    Unfortunately they couldn;t help me fixing the problem.
    Could it have something to do with the TDMS transmitter on the card?
    That it aint good enough to push the 1920*1200 trough the DVI connector?

    It looks like I've to replace my card.
    Do you have any recommendations for a good one that will work with the monitor?
    I will use the card mainly for photoshop and other day to day stuff...
  6. H3X4D3C1M4L

    H3X4D3C1M4L New Member

    Well all the cards these days have a 400MHz RAMDAC so they all push the same resolutions. Somehow I don't know if the card is limiting it... hate to say it but you could try an nVidia card, though I have read that ATI TDMS's are better quality.

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