How do i install 3538i?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dan c, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. dan c

    dan c New Member

    Hi there. Im just about to install 3538i. Is there eny perticuler way of installing it?
    Or do i just un-install my 3537. Then re-insall 3538i?
    Because i remember the 3537 had a perticuler way of installing.

  2. JohnMcClane

    JohnMcClane New Member

    Uninstall previous drivers, then run setup from 3538i
  3. stamvas

    stamvas me-myself & I

    Why install 3538i?
    I am runing 3537 latest version. I will only upgrade when 3538 comes to it's final release. Unless you want to experiment. not that 3538 is unstable but why do you want to change if it is working fine?

    just an advice... :)

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