How to change FOV in Modern Warfare 2.

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by mkk, Nov 16, 2009.

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    Locate the file config.cfg in the game folder "\Modern Warfare 2\players\" and open in in notepad. Add a line that looks like the following.
    bind KP_INS "cg_fovscale 1.2"
    Save. Start the game and enter a mission, press the keypads Ins/0 key and you now get a 20% wider field of view. You'll have to do this at the beginning of every new mission. KP_INS can be substituted for other keys so you may want to experiment with that as well as with the numerical value for cg_fovscale.

    I can't really enjoy this game until I've also found some way to modify the music volume.(EDIT: see post below for changing music volume) It should be doable if there's ever a way to trick the game to run a mod package. While waiting for that there are other games to play. :p


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    This isn't true Hor+ is it? Same with Borderlands unfortunately. Why are they so lazy?
    I don't have the game (yet?) but thank you for the info.
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    Modifying the music volume proved to be too easy. The singleplayer music files are inside the iw_17, iw_18 and iw_19.iwd files in the main subfolder. A quick'n-dirty way to simply remove the music is to rename those three files to something else and the game won't load them. However there are a few other .wav soundfiles in the iw_17.iwd package so a better way would be to extract all files and then rename these three .iwd files. Extracting can be done with programs like 7-Zip(easiest imho) or WinRAR.

    Edit: There are also ambient music/sound files in iw_12.iwd and iw_13.iwd that are really loud on some levels, so for optimal result you'll have to modify the volume for those MP3 files as well. (only the MP3 files, the game regulates WAV soundfiles as it should)

    Doing that also allows for adjusting the volume of the music by modifying the .mp3 files with a program like MP3Gain, just like with CoD4 as I described in a thread back then. Normalizing the music files down to 89dB which is the default value in MP3Gain leaves the music at a subdued but still very discernable level. The correct path for the modified music files to be loaded is "\Modern Warfare 2\main\sound\music\". Don't hesitate to ask for clarification if this description was too brief.
    Two images that might help explaining the folder structure.

    Beware that modifying any files might not work with multiplayer. Given Infinity Ward's attitude they might perhaps even ban people for "unbalancing" the singleplayer music files. ;)
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    Wait, the game doesn't have an option to reduce the volume of the music?
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    nice mkk, thanks for the explanations
  6. mkk

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    I reckon this thread ought to be getting some google hits. *giggles*

    Amazing indeed, but they did the same to Call of Duty 4, and 5 as well I believe. Here in Modern Warfare 2 I feel like it's even slightly worse than before. Add to that an overall low sound level with the in-game slider to full even. They do their own thing for sure.
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    Surely they are not that stupid to not even have the option to disable it, right?
    Their laziness sounds like this was a port of a port of a port.

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