How to use ASIO drivers ???

Discussion in 'ASIO' started by Jimai, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Jimai

    Jimai New Member

    In first, thanks to KX for the fantastic KX solution : (version
    I'm working with Windows 2000 Pro + Audigy Platinium 1.
    My PC : ASUS P4S333 - PIV 1,7 Ghz - 256 Mo DDR 2100 - HD1 120 Go - HD2 40 Go.

    I have uninstall all Creative drivers and applications : Now, more place in my PC !

    My problem is just with ASIO Drivers :confused:
    I can use WDM drivers (lantency = bad results ! : 45ms),
    but it's impossible to work with ASIO drivers in all my softwares (FM7, B4, Samplitude 7...)

    Please, help me ?



    BODYPRINT New Member

    Do these programs support ASIO?

    I have never used them. If they do, you will need to go to the device settings in the programs and select kX ASIO as your driver.

    You can modify the latency using the ASIO control panel...

    Rightclick kX Manager--->Settings--->ASIO Control Panel.
  3. dj_stick

    dj_stick Apple Fanboy? Staff Member

    make sure hardware acceleration is at full, otherwise asio will not work
  4. Jimai

    Jimai New Member

    Thanks for your solutions, but no problems with :
    - Hardware acceleration (maxi)
    - ASIO with creative drivers for all my softwares.

    After uninstall version and installation of a version : all it's OK !!! ;)
    No problems with ASIO drivers of KX : latency = 10 ms "without cracks" on all my softwares : B4, FM7, Samplitude 7... (Before, with Creative drivers 45ms with some cracks).

    Fantastic, KXproject is the best for a music solution. Good sound and a fantastic ROUTER.
    Bye Creative...

    Thanks again KX users and happy new year 2004

  5. Dave May

    Dave May New Member

    Sorry, but where can I turn on full hardware acceleration in WinXP? Somewhere in KXMixer or somewhere in system properties? Where exactly?
  6. rogeld

    rogeld New Member

    GO to run and dxdiag. You can change your settings in there, enjoy.
  7. Dave May

    Dave May New Member

  8. rogeld

    rogeld New Member

    Hmm...well you could try using the DriverCleaner program on this site after uninstalling your drivers and have it clean up any previous drive sets you have tried and then reinstalling them. Not sure what else you can do and hopefully someone else around here with a bit more know how in this can help. Good luck and hope you fix it soon! Having no sound when everything else works is incredibly frustrating.
  9. Dave May

    Dave May New Member

    Well, but where can I take DriverCleaner program?

    By the way, I've just tried to install Logic Platinum 5.5, configured it to use ASIO drivers, load sample demo song and noticed that it sounds thru ASIO drivers well! So, I think my trouble is somewhere in Sonar but I don't know where exactly...

    Any ideas?
  10. rogeld

    rogeld New Member

    Sorry, unfamiliar with Logic Platinum. You can get the DriverCleaner program on the main page, there is a link on the left sidebar towards the top.
  11. Dave May

    Dave May New Member

    rogeld, thanks for help!

    I tried to nake Sonar work several hours last night and finally I did it :). The problem was in Sonar itself, so it can record new tracks using ASIO drivers, can export existing track into project and play them too. But projects I created before on WDM drivers on SB and using ASIO drivers for Maya USB card can be opened but produce no sounds. So, I think the trouble in Sonar itself and not in kX driver.

    Anyway, SB appeared not so good for audio recording (very noisy inputs), and inspite of the quality and possibilities of kX driver I think I will use professional external USB card for recordings, it don't have such Sonar problems and plays all projects I already have. SB in my PC will left for 5.1 films watching, e.g., multimedia purposes. ;)

    My resume: SB Live even with such a good driver as kX is not suitable for quality music producing. Even at home recordings.

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