Hyundai and Genesis to Cut Product Design Cycles in Half

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    Hyundai has revealed that it plans to cut the product design cycles in half for its namesake brand and its Genesis luxury division. According to a report from Automotive News, the move is mean to help the automaker keep its products fresh and respond quickly to changing trends and newcomers to the auto industry like Tesla, Waymo and startups with financial backing from China.

    Luc Donckerwolke, Hyundai and Genesis senior vice president of design, and former Bentley designer says that the automaker wants to cut the time from sketches to production from three years to 1.5 years. Donckerwolke revealed to Automotive News that it’s possible to cut the design process in half partly thanks to the opening of a new design studio within Hyundai Motor Group’s Namyang facility. The new design studio will be responsible for 65 projects between Hyundai and Genesis, and will be able to work on 25 of them at the same time. However, designers for all the two brands will be separated to keep them from influencing each other. Donckerwolke also points out that his design team can cut a car’s design cycle by 30 percent. Sister brand Kia also has its own design studios within the Namyang R&D center.

    Source: motortrend

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