I Cant Disable Extended Desktop.

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by thomasabarnes, Mar 15, 2004.

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    Hi all:

    I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to use the TV out on my Radeon 8500. I used to be able to use it about a year ago with whatever Catalyst drivers were out, then. Now I cant figure out how to use the TV out.

    The ATI Help files says: "Displays scheme is not supported if you are running an extended desktop," (Desktop Help for Windows XP, © ATI Technologies Inc., Version H6.01).

    I am running and extended desktop by default upon installing the Catalyst 4.3 Drivers. I want to have TV out working. So I'm trying to disable the extended desktop.

    The ATI help files says: "Using the Settings tab, you disable the extended desktop by right-clicking on the display icon that you wish to turn off, unchecking Enabled from the popup menu, then applying your change,"
    (Desktop Help for Windows XP, © ATI Technologies Inc., Version H6.01). I follwed these instructions to try to disable the extened desktop. However, when I right click on the display icon, I dont get a option for unchecking Enabled from the pop up menu. I just get: attached, primary (which are greyed out), and Identify and Properties.

    Can anybody tell me how I can disable the extended desktop. so I can use a multiple display environment?

    Or is it that a multiple display environment is only possible with older Catalyst drivers?

    Please help.

    I do have to say, though, that these Catalyst 4.3 drivers make the Radeon 8500 have Super performance! All my games run very good, even Comanche 4. And I dont have to use the Omega drivers to get the good performance! It will be Great if I can get the TV out working as a second display using the Catalyst 4.3 Driver. In my opinion thses Catalyst 4.3 drivers are the best yet! Good work Catalyst Team!;)

    Sincerely, thomasabarnes

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