I will be droping XP Support for creative drivers tweaks.

Discussion in 'PAX Drivers' started by Robert McClelland, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Robert McClelland

    Robert McClelland I'm An Uncle for 2nd time

    XP Dead! So I'm going plan drop XP support from now on. I'm only going do Vista and 7 drivers from now on. It's much easyer with my tweaks then XP it self. For those who on XP I really recommend you get windows 7 upgrade it's freaking awesome. Just make sure you have 2gig of ram if you on 32bit. 4 gigs or more for 64bit.
  2. MichaelR

    MichaelR New Member

    Please do not drop Windows XP Support. Windows 7 is still not up to snuff in comparison to WinXP x64 Professional performance wise, and usability wise. That, and ClearType is way too hard on my eyes.
  3. Robert McClelland

    Robert McClelland I'm An Uncle for 2nd time

    Well it depends if creative drops it lol.
  4. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    While i do understand the pleas for continued to xp... i would say the cons considerably outweigh the pros...

    A working set of drivers are still available for xp and i would suspect will not be removed.. it just no longer will be updated..

    No reason to continue to further promote the use of something as dead in the water as windows xp..... While personal oppinions are what they are.. the fact of the matter is that Windows XP Is a dead OS, support for it is falling away faster then anything, and required support for it is no longer there at all.

    Top it off, a Windows 7 x64 home premium client will totally surpass that of a windows XP x64 machine in overall realworld performance by a significant noticeable margin... even on the VERY old machines provided there is proper driver support. (Even with a lack of ram, windows 7 32bit will run circles around a windows xp machine if setup very similare which isn't hard)

    As far as useability, guess that depends on the programs in use. Obviously if you have old programs that will not work in windows vista/7... then that's a good case to stick with it... but otherwise it's totally debateable.

    Now as for your last statement... That's a non-arguement

  5. MichaelR

    MichaelR New Member

    Since the default statically set font requires you to enable ClearType, it's really a non argument not to turn it off. With it enabled it's still pretty rough.
  6. Kremlin76

    Kremlin76 New Member

    Hey Robert, is it possible to make a XP Legacy Drivers thread then, so people can easily find them?
  7. Robert McClelland

    Robert McClelland I'm An Uncle for 2nd time

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