increase shared memory mobility radeon HD 3200 with Catalyst 10-11

Discussion in 'Mobility Modder Discussion' started by xatito_007, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. xatito_007

    xatito_007 New Member

    hi, yesterday i install de modded driver and work fine(increase my score in 3d mark 06) , but at the moment to change the memory of video in the mobility modder application , i cant find the INF file in C:\ATI\SUPPORT\"Driver Version"\Packages...
    my notebook is a compaq 515 with 3gb of ram and athlon x2 preocessor and use windows 7 professional 64 bits

    thanks for the awesome work with the drivers , and cheers from chile
  2. LQDForce

    LQDForce New Member

  3. xatito_007

    xatito_007 New Member

    Thnxs, works fine the INF, much appreciated
    bye, and cheers
  4. xatito_007

    xatito_007 New Member

    the inf work and recognizes de vga but at the moment of modify the memory , i have this error
    i modify the driver before and after , but the memory always is the same


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