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Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by tommyBoy_bzh, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. tommyBoy_bzh

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    I've got this freakin message when I want to install the latest OmegaDrivers, same bullshit with the oldamned f*ckin Catalyst, I've got .NET framework 2.0 INSTALLED !

    Computer specs :

    LUNA MS-6323
    Pentium III ~1000 mhz
    Sapphire ATI radeon 9550 se
    + 512 SD-ram
    windows XP pro SP2 (with teh f*ckin .net 2.0)

    please help meh ! :(
  2. kn00tcn

    kn00tcn New Member

    calm down, i wonder if the drivers are calling some instruction that's only in a p4..... just a thought...

    did any older (or sapphire's) drivers work? how long did you have the 9550?
  3. Dyre Straits

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    I'm not going to quote your post as I don't want to repeat the unnecessary language used in a very first post by a brand new user who asks for some help with a problem. I'm not sure if it's the language that has resulted in fewer responses or not, but, it certainly is uncalled for and I think there would be more responses if the problem and quest for help had been stated in a better way.

    That said,

    I have right here over to my left and ol' P-III system running an ATI 8500 (at the moment) and using Windows 98SE. The only reason this particular system isn't using my ol' 9600 PRO is because the AGP slot ONLY supports the previous AGP 4x. I'm not sure just how the ATI 9550 is configured...at least the one you have. I'm also not sure just which AGP configuration your motherboard supports. It might be a 'universal' AGP slot that allows you to insert an AGP 8X card into it, BUT, it could be that the motherboard does not support some of the features of an 8X video card.

    Again, I'm not really sure. There are a lot of questions left unanswered before we can really reach a determination as to what the source of the error is.

    The main questions we here at DH would need to ask is: Does the card work or not? Are you able to actually use this computer?

    And then, I'm going to make this further comment: I hope you're not planning to play the latest games on this system. It's simply too old and out-dated to do so. Games from 4 - 5 years ago will likely perform well, but not any of the last year or so....even if they'll install and load.
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  4. kn00tcn

    kn00tcn New Member

    oh right, forgot that old cpu = old mobo...

    ya & highest game might be quake3 or warsow (q3 engine)
  5. Dyre Straits

    Dyre Straits 9 Grandkids! #10 in the Oven!

    A little more research on this error yields this:

    It's possible that you can reboot into VGA Safemode and do a Manual Installation of the drivers and 'maybe' the error will go away.

    Just reboot into VGA Safemode, go to the Device Manager and then double click on one of the instances of the Display Adapter and select to Update Driver. Then, don't let Windows detect it, rather, use the Have Disk option and navigate to where you extracted the Omegadrivers.

    If you need further instructions, we'll be glad to assist.
  6. Giraff

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