Is it possible to be identified by your 'clickprint'?

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by Iria, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. Iria

    Iria New Member

    Source: Guardian Unlimited
    Almost certainly - and if you're wondering what a clickprint is, it is "a unique pattern of web surfing behavior based on actions such as the number of pages viewed per session, the number of minutes spent on each page, the time or day of the week the page is visited, and so on."
  2. Zeph

    Zeph New Member

    This is bogus. Even if they can often distinguish between me and another anonymous person, it wont be 100% correct. I dont want to be considered for fraud under my own cards.
  3. Al_Vampyre

    Al_Vampyre New Member

    Its all circumstantial, they are dealing in probablilites not proof...

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