Is money all that matters in life?

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Is money all that matters in this world?

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  2. No

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  4. Yes and no, it is only part of the grand scheme of things

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  1. Blueagle

    Blueagle HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    Well, the funny thing is I personally don't believe money is the most important thing in life. I believe it is all about family and friends, and since I am a Christian, following Jesus' footsteps closely since that is what the bible says is what will make you happy.

    Of course the media has brainwashed everyone into thinking material things are all you need and the more you have, the happier you'll be, and many a man have found themselves on their death bed regretting their ride on the merry-go-round of this world, it's all about the rat race.

    However, it seems like if you don't have money you can't have fun, no money no honey, no money no funny. You can't go out with your friends and have a good time, you can't buy the things you want or even eat or live without money. So I do believe it is a means to an end. I personally believe money facilitates happiness but I think it is only that way because of the banking system and capitalism that we all follow. I personally believe that with today's technology we would be able to live without a monetary system in a utopia, or something very close to it. Note I said with today's technology. Without machines to do everything for us in the past and technology to support a utopian system, the monetary system, and bartering systems had to be set up in order for society to operate.

    I personally think we have outgrown the monetary system and it should be replaced with a new and improved system. But that's just me.

    So what's your take on the whole matter? Does cash rule everything and will it always be king? (or as the Wu Tang Clan said in their famous song, C.R.E.A.M., Cash Rules Everything Around Me)

    Btw, I personally don't have a lot of cash, I have just enough. And for that I am thankful. Some people literally don't have two nickels to rub together.
  2. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood HH's curmudgeon

    Wait until you realize that there really isn't any money. It's all inflated worthless bits of paper with no actual value.
  3. Blueagle

    Blueagle HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    Yup I actually know that. :)

    Done my research, just didn't want to scare people off by including that in my original post. But yeah, if you look at the way the system works and how money is actually created, something which people rarely do for some reason (probably because they mask it as Zeitgeist says with all that financial jargon), you'll be really surprised.
  4. Trusteft

    Trusteft HH's Asteroids' Dominator

    Depends on what exactly you mean "in life".

    Do you mean our part as members of the society?
    My answer to the original question is, no. But it is a very convenient way of having some order. Without money, either you replace money with something else, ior you live in a society where there is either total anarchy or some form of authoritarianism. A third option ala star trek world for humanity cannot exist yet. All the people would need to be "saints". People are not. Not just as people but as life-forms on this planet. We were evolved with survival as our first goal as organisms and you can't have survival without strife. This is partly why you don't need the matter of money to have arguments, fights, even wars. It's in our nature.

    Do you mean in life as in the existence of life in the universe in general?
    No. It's too small in the big picture. All life in the whole universe is just the universe itself trying to figure out itself and its existence. Money is just a current factor of one life form on one planet.
  5. Liqourice

    Liqourice Well-Known Member

    Money is the root of all evil, or something.

    In truth, money has very little importance in itself, I just need the bloody stuff to survive. It's not possible in these days and ages to do that without money. So, it's a bad necessity. Noone would be happier than me if we wouldn't need them anymore but that's not gonna happen. Money is power and as long as humanity has a craving for power over others some kind of currency will be around.

    We're all being fooled.
  6. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    last I checked the nutritional value of cash or nowadays being that the worlds currency is confined down to about 0.2 or is it now 0.02% of the "accountable" currency being swapped around is real physical money, being rather terrible to eat let alone survive off of.

    The only benefit of actual cash nowadays is transfer of wealth and an unending supply of "interest" paid towards those already made of massive unending supplies of cash.

    We'd all benefit significantly from it's sudden non-existence... But a good chunk of the population would rather die and commit murder to try and protect the very thing that is killing them.
  7. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    Money itself is not needed to live, but it is needed to "live".
  8. Neshi

    Neshi HH's cuddly Blue Bear

    so what do you propose as a non-monetary system, in this utopia?

    if you're saying, share everything... it already exists as communism (in it's purest form, as Marx imagined it, not the corrupt and twisted form of communism that was Lenin and Stalin)

    I think we will always need something to trade with. Before money it was goods and services..
  9. CDsDontBurn

    CDsDontBurn AMD & Petrol Heads Mod

    ^^ Pretty much hit the nail on the head.
  10. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    We have the technology for massive surplass, Abundance. The capitalistic money based system has long been obsolete.

    Before there was lack of availability, and due to that, exchange and value was necessary. NOW we have consolidated companies, so few in fact and so big that in order for them to try and continue the premise of the capital nature, they have to meet and agree to certain things. Picking off any newbies that try to stand up to them along the way (someone trying to create a competing business).

    We are seeing purposeful price fixing that most everyone couldn't even begin to fathom. It's rather sad. Abuse of overall power and intentional lack of supply to make certain to drive prices up just to guarantee the largest profit margins without potentially alienating the majority.

    We have more people going in for things we really don't need (lawyers for example) then we do for true Necessities. Hell among the most important things being FOOD, everyone needs food, is purposely being corporatized eliminating competition and dictating and modifying our foods, many of which in a way is not to our benefit at all.

    We are also being sold this idea that "wouldn't it be great to live in a world without hunger, without the poor or without class barriers and so forth".... yet what they don't say is how we already have the power to do this. We keep getting the stick rather than the carrot, we are only shown the carrot when we start to think something is out of place.

    And because we've been brought up from BIRTH with this idiotic idea that our current way is the best way and any other way is a fantasy, a psychotic delusion, wrong..etc... some people even willing to defend it to the death.... it's really rather crazy how they can stand by it like it's the golden rule. IT's borderline religious.
  11. Neshi

    Neshi HH's cuddly Blue Bear

    yet you don't offer any alternative...
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  12. Dyre Straits

    Dyre Straits 9 Grandkids! #10 in the Oven!

    First of all, some kind if 'currency' will always be "needed" in order to acquire the necessary items we need to live. So, we'll call that "money".

    Money is NOT the root of all some have misquoted. It's the "LOVE of money" that makes it so. And, by that, it is talking about "GREED". It's this greed...or the inability to ever be satisfied with what one possesses, that makes things turn ugly. Wanting nice things is NOT greediness. It's when one decides that they simply have to have a particular thing - or things - at all or any cost, in order to be "happy" that makes it bad.

    One of the truest forms of happiness is when one learns to be content with such things as s/he already has. And, being content doesn't rule out actually having a desire to have other things. An industrious person will set goals and work to achieve those goals in an appropriate manner. Climbing over the backs of others to achieve these goals is NOT the way to do it!

    So, to answer the question: No, money is NOT all that matters in life. It's simply one of the building blocks to make living manageable and allow for a certain degree of contentment.

    As one person said to me many years ago: It's not a shame to be broke. But, it is mighty inconvenient!
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  13. Neshi

    Neshi HH's cuddly Blue Bear

    true-er words have not been spoken Dyre.
  14. Mousey

    Mousey HH's Official Rodent Staff Member

    Money's definately on the top 3 most important things in my life. Someday i'm going to make my fortune just you watch ;) The difference is when i'm sat in my money fort i'll still be logged on to HH posting Photoshop timelapses :p
  15. Falstaff

    Falstaff Old Codger

    Money is a tool.
  16. fancccc

    fancccc TONY SOPRANO

    money is the root of all evil
  17. Marco88

    Marco88 New Member

    AW: Is money all that matters in life?

    i would say yes, money is the key to everything...
  18. Cow_160483

    Cow_160483 HH's only cow moooooo...

    no! simple and straight forward
  19. Robert McClelland

    Robert McClelland I'm An Uncle for 2nd time

    Next century we won't need money like in Startrek oh wait that 23century?
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  20. Liqourice

    Liqourice Well-Known Member

    That won't happen. There will always be some kind of currency as long as the world order doesn't change in a major way.

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