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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Metalsvinet, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Metalsvinet

    Metalsvinet New Member

    i'm running kX 3534 happily with a lot of different vst effects and vsti instruments. all work perfectly except the very desirable (free) klanglabs deelay; six filtered feedback delays with host sync:


    this effect does not work with kX ASIO. if i switch my host to direct-x drivers it works perfectly well. i contacted the developer who suggested it was a driver problem. this message pops up sometimes:

    assertion failed > sampleFrames > 0 file ..\se_sdk\SEModule_base.cpp line 155

    i would be very happy if someone would care to try the deelay v. 1 in an ASIO host and tell me if it works. here's the thread from k-v-r:

  2. Metalsvinet

    Metalsvinet New Member

    come on, someone must have been tempted to give it a try, its free and it sounds good (when it works)

    or is noone here making music with vst(i)s anymore?

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