know why new ati drivers won't work

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by kelticknight, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. kelticknight

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    know why the new ati drivers wouldn't work on my system,during the a virus bug got into my system,have 3 firewalls,one is norton,somehowit disabled norton and one other firewall for enough time to change reg and windows system and few other things,first it mesed with dial up service so it could go on line when it wanted to,the the rest,last something in graphics,norton antivirus didn't pick it up till it was too infected files in such a way that the antivirus software won't notice in time.2 years of work and lots of other things,formatted 250 gig harddrive,to say lim pissedoff is under statement of year,everything was upto date,firewalls,antivirus,windows,games,work software,sound,graphic card,you name it,it was upto date,its going to take 2-3 weeks to update and install everything,so if l ever meet a hacker who into virus bugging people,i'll do some hacking to them,you its the guy in the street,the guy at home they hurt with this crap ,not so much microsoft
    merry xmass
  2. Skull

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    sorry to hear of your misfortune - virus writers are nasty !, but can I ask you something, did you say you have 3 firewalls installed? I didnt understand that bit.
  3. kelticknight

    kelticknight DriverHeaven Knight

    firewalls/new ati drivers

    norton is not 100% good,a program called leaktest is independaent tester,test everything from e-mail to browsers ,everthing to do with internet.2 ways in was found with norton,zonealarm was about the best.stoped everything,another firewall was kero firewall,anyway when l upgraded zonealarm something when wrong,couldn't download updates,even when disabled,it caused me problems,so l removed it,hence 2 way in where opened ,because norton doesn't block these openings,even with new updates,norton securty 2004 blocks tomuch in some ways and others not enough,mcfee might be better.
  4. simonsays

    simonsays New Member

    Question :
    do you know that you are supposed to disable anything anti-virus related when installing drivers ??(norton especially)
    These type of products can have weird results when they see something being changed in the regisrty for example because they sometimes consider it to be a threat resulting in : example -incomplete driver installs etc.

    SEcond know this:

    there isnt a anti virus/firewall product out there that is 100% garanteed to work.
    You can update you stuff today and still get a trojan that came out the same day and wasnt in the update.

    You may even infect the rig yourself just by downloading a song (infected) and as soon as you try to hear it....its over..

    in other words there are a million ways to get infected so no mater how much we B.I.T.C.H about it we cant do much except consider ourselves lucky for everyday that our rig runs smooth and virus free..
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  5. kelticknight

    kelticknight DriverHeaven Knight

    l do desable both firewalls and virus software and any security software l have,that was not the problem it seems that 4 differnt types of bug got insystem,each where a update for each other,in other word it took a while for the hacker to get through,but did,l know that every software security is breakable,but doesn't make it any easier when you spend weeks setting up again
  6. BWX

    BWX flyin' high

    You don't need more than one firewall either- that's just silly. One correctly configured firewall is all you need - and if you're that worried, get a NAT router.
  7. simonsays

    simonsays New Member

    All a hacker needs is to get in once because he then hits you with a "DEPLOYER" that releases anything we wants from a package ;)

    I know cause i got hit one day by 4 remote trojans ( the kind that take over your rig turning it into a server under the hackers control..ouch) and as i cleaned it i found a file called xxxx deployer (cant remeber the whole name).

    Weird thing is that he used a legit piece of software to remote control me(something like PC anywhere etc.)
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  8. kelticknight

    kelticknight DriverHeaven Knight

    silly queestion ,what is nat router
  9. The_Neon_Cowboy

    The_Neon_Cowboy New Member

    yhier just called routers. they have a built in hardware firewall and serate the internal net work from the web. the router has it own ip and then sets a diffrent set for the computers connected
    it's very secure...
  10. BWX

    BWX flyin' high

    Yeah, you can buy them for as cheap as 17 dollars.

    But I'd get one like this Netgear- here or this Linksys- here

    I like Netgear, but I think the Linksys is nice too.

    I think it would be cool to have this modem and this router together.
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  11. Optimummind

    Optimummind Banned

    Sorry to hear of your predicament.

    As mentioned earlier by someone else, I don't think you need to install 3 firewalls at once. They will just eat up your system resources without giving you much protection.

    As for an AV program, I like NAV 2004 Pro edition. For firewalls, ZoneAlarm Pro is excellent.

    In addition to these measures, you may want to add these programs as well:

    (1) Spybot Search and Destroy: Anti-Spyware, adware program. Free and easy to use.

    (2) AdAware: Does the same thing as Spybot.

    (3) PestPatrol: Another anti-spyware program.

    (4) The Cleaner: This program detects Trojans and worms. It's frequently updated and easy to use.

    Also, whenever you're downloading files from the Net, you should scan them with detectors. e.g. PestPatrol can scan .zip files. NAV2004 can also scan files for viruses.
  12. kelticknight

    kelticknight DriverHeaven Knight

    just finished installing windows and updates,have full version of 98se and upgrade version of xp home,was thinking of getting xp home full,because every time l have reinstall windows xp then l have 45-50 mb og upgrade from update in windows update on micro website.l have norton security 2004,avir,norton anitvirus,kerio firewall.going to look into what the guys where saying about nat router,can't hurt
  13. DarkFoss

    DarkFoss New Member

    Sorry to read about yer troubles briano. You don't have to bother buying the full version since you've got the upgrade edition as long as you have a cd/dvd burner and nero or some other burning software. All you need to do is slipstream sp1 and create a new cd of XP home. I did that with one of mine and it now conciders itself an oem disk no verification of a previous windows install and the cd key still works plus you'll cut your patch time down conciderably.. I don't have the link to the guide I used atm when I dig it up I'll post it.
  14. kelticknight

    kelticknight DriverHeaven Knight

    cheers darkfoss,merry xass and all that
  15. kelticknight

    kelticknight DriverHeaven Knight

    darkfoss sorry about the spelling,it should say merry xmass and all that stuff,cheers again

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