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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Eugene Gavrilov, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Eugene Gavrilov

    Eugene Gavrilov kX Project Lead Programmer and Coordinator

    hi guys,

    this summer was quite short, and, unfortunately, no time spent on the kX driver at all..
    I would like to get back to it this autumn, but need to fix my PC hardware first (I migrated to Mac, so don't use kX/Creative hardware).

    while I tried to keep an eye on the forum, I'm almost sure to forget many important bugs and issues...

    please report links to the threads that need my attention

    at the moment, my list of issues consists of the following:

    * better installation under Windows 7, start-up and settings restore issues
    * problems with sliders for built-in effects
    * sfman32 registration and installation
    * improve audio buffers for "Master Mixer"
    * verify WaveHQ operation
    * check Soundfonts in x64 version of Windows
    * some issues with RemoteIR under Win7 (?)

    let's add to the list (but, well, don't expect too much...)

  2. jaromanda

    jaromanda Active Member

    the problems with sliders do not affect just built-in effects. Effect I wrote also exhibits the same issue with sliders created using create_hslider ... although, I seem to recall this only affects sliders created with a range requiring a long int, anything that requires short ints (within -32768 to 32767) is apparently OK, but I have not tested this as 3551 is essentially useless for me
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  3. nakamichi

    nakamichi New Member

  4. Mata Hari

    Mata Hari Active Member

    E-MU 1010 PCIe support? ;)
  5. RPGWiZaRD

    RPGWiZaRD New Member

    Nice to hear from you Eugene, don't worry, we're not craving any1 that already have spent so much time with kX Audio drivers to always find the motivation or time to work on it but it's always nice to hear what's the situation though (because there's quite a few people lurking here constantly in hope to see a 3552 driver show up :p).

    I'm curious about one thing, is it even possible to integrate WaveHQ into the plugin system, so you could apply plugin effects to that output device? That would be a MAJOR improvement to me as the WaveHQ does have noticable better sound quality (due to the quite poor hardware 48kHz resampling in Audigy cards) and what could be better than a sound quality boost? Unfortunately I'm quite dependant on the EQ and like to use a bit reverb as well as the Surrounder+ plugin so currently I'm not using WaveHQ but I'd love to be able to use it with plugins...

    EDIT: With WaveHQ I think it stacks up well quality wise even to a mighty Creative X-Fi Titanium HD card!
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  6. Bob L

    Bob L New Member

    Eugene .... just a note of thanks for all your effort. Seriously, this is a wonderful piece of work for many. Personally, I use the kx drivers for audio transfers from out of print recordings. I would SOOO love to see kx finally be able to support both the HQ 96 .... but also the ASIO 96 too. It would give me another option with different kinds of material to compare tracks transferred in HQ or ASIO are this sample rate to find out with is best suited to any particular kind of material I was working with.

    As I understand it, kx still only supports ASIO up to 48,000. And although I have no complaints with the HQ recording ... I still would love the option of using ASIO at that rate too.

    AND IF ... I ever get paid for anything I do ... (which it hasn't happened yet ... but might someday .... Eugene ... I owe to some ! .... hahaha! .... thanks!

  7. nakamichi

    nakamichi New Member

    - Windows 8 support (the developer preview is out)

    The core driver does work under Windows 8 DP. The main problem is with the kX Mixer app - it's not compatible with the NT 6.2 kernel (fails to start).

    - Compatibility with Windows 7 UAC

    The driver needs a manifest file so the kX Mixer can load on startup without being blocked by the OS when UAC is enabled (this is for both Windows 7 and Windows 8).
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  8. pkozerski

    pkozerski Member

    nakamichu don't be stupid
  9. woodendaze

    woodendaze New Member

    I don't see how his concern is stupid since it's probably a requirement for continuous development of the kX Drivers. I remember a few years back reading this forum when people were asking for Windows 7 and x64 support, with replies from the peanut gallery pretty much reassembling yours that it's completely unnecessary. Nowadays more and more are migrating to Windows 7 and x64 versions of the OS and we're all very grateful that kX drivers are available to that platform.
  10. RPGWiZaRD

    RPGWiZaRD New Member

    Well Windows 7 support makes sense as it's clear at this point it'll be the next "XP" which will be around/popular for 5-7 years or so maybe. Windows 8 however it still far from finished and wouldn't make sense to focus on at this point, who knows it might also be the next Windows ME...
  11. Max M.

    Max M. h/h member-shmember

    Îòâåò: kx 3552 'todo' list

    Either way I guess Eugene asks for "bug fixing & issue solving" stuff (that's what ver. 3552 will be for). Current driver state is already quite buggy so the primary goal now is more stable release (it's all just crying "fix me fix me fix me :)"), therefore "new feature requests" won't make much sense (here at least).
  12. erim

    erim New Member

    We don't know how the future will play out. For all we know 8 could end up being much better than 7.

    Since the preview of 8 is already out, IMO it makes sense to consider it.
    From what I read it's fundamentally not very different from 7 apart from the added touch UI. Supposedly all the software that works in 7 will work in 8. So I'm optimistic for drivers as well.
  13. nakamichi

    nakamichi New Member

    Previous post updated with more info / better description of the issues.
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  14. Mr. Plohish

    Mr. Plohish Member

    Îòâåò: kx 3552 'todo' list

    à åùå î÷åíü õîòåëîñü áû ðåøåíèÿ âîïðîñà ñ íåâîçìîæíîñòü ïåðåõîäà â ñïÿùèé ðåæèì, îáñóæäàëîñü â ñîñåäíåé âåòêå....
  15. Gamerspage

    Gamerspage New Member

    The biggest issues for me with an Audigy 2 ZS Plat Pro (SB0360) on 7 x64 are:
    • Settings not restoring upon boot (mentioned above, worked around by editing the startup key and making 'kxdefault.kx')
    • Output becomes hiss, pops, noise, or non-existant after 2-4 weeks of uptime (Similar to the default buffer settings, but irreconcilable). I think I saw another thread at some point about a directsound memory leak
    • External headphone volume knob no longer works, even with default dsp.
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  16. JocPro

    JocPro New Member

  17. BiCho

    BiCho Audiotecna- Representante

    A very useful feature would be that the .kx file could store windows positions and the "Always on Top" On/Off condition of each one.

    I use a second screen and I must drag each window there on every restart, its quite time consuming :S
  18. silvertones

    silvertones New Member

    If you remember I use all 8 ANALOG outs to a mixer as my "Band". I play live as a solo Band .
    The reason I switched back to 3550 is that the multi outs don't stay perfectly in sync with each other in 3551A. At times when I get a screen change it'll throw the drummer out by as much a a whole beat.Other times he's out just a hair but as a bass player this is annoying. Other times it's fine.
  19. BiCho

    BiCho Audiotecna- Representante

    Another great new feature could be the ability to automate plugin presets with MIDI program changes in kX Automation, and I don't think it takes too much code to implement it.
  20. Temragon

    Temragon New Member

    First off, a big thanks Eugene! Working well under 7x64 now, and it could be improved a bit but I've been a huge fan and solid user since XP.

    As far as wishlist, well:

    More virtual devices. A second recording output and a final pair of playback output would be great, I do some weird stuff casting and vent-dj wise.

    8 support: Yes, I know. This is a big controversy, but here's the thing: 8 isn't as much of a change from 7, as 7 from vista.. or vista from xp. Having solid support coming out of the gate for it would be absolutely great.

    Finally, and most importantly: Proper multi-channel sound in 7 (And presumably 8). Master Mixer and WaveHQ have been big stumbling blocks =\

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