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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maddogg6, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

    Every now and again .... windows likes to eliminate tray icons - even ones I use - like KX Mixer...and I have to log-off/log-on to get this back.

    1) I find it strange running the mixer manually from the start menu - to NOT put/keep the icon in the tray (I close mixer - its back to the start menu to get it back - or what ever other work around I may use)

    2) I use the mixer alot - so I dont understand why windows would do this anyway. AND....

    3) I have hiding icons turned off in the start menu properties.

    So my question IS - is there something in the registry that I can change to prevent this from happening (like forcing windows to *think* I use the mixer more)


  2. Russ

    Russ New Member

    Are you saying that when you "close" (as opposed to "quit") kxmixer, that your tray icon disappears (i.e. not hidden but gone?, because it is usually just a matter of clicking on the small arrow by the systray to see any hidden icons)?

    Some icons are not reloaded when explorer crashes (I haven't checked to see if kxmixer is one of them). There are some system utitlites that can help with this (but the program that displays the icons should really check for such situations and reload itself as necessary).

    As for the hiding of inactive icons, that setting is adjustable:
    Right click on Windows taskbar and choose "Properties", click on the "Customize" button (next to the "Hide inactive icons" checkbox), find "kX Manager" in the list and set it to "Always Show".

  3. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

    If it doesnt show after boot up - it never shows - even after running KX mixer from the start menu.

    Yes - I have seen this - but not what Im talking about tho.

    Yes - I have this already UNCHECKED (hide icons is deactivated) - I DO also lock the task bar - but I cant say if that makes a difference as it spuratic and difficult to reproduce. (er..I cant 'make' it happen).
    But because even running the mixer manually - does'nt add it - I figured it was a windows registry entry that is preventing KX mixer adding its icon to the tray.. (??) but I dunno .:S

    Now I have tried 'unlocking' the taskbar when this happens and it makes no difference or change.
  4. Russ

    Russ New Member

    Hmm, that is strange, I have never had that happen. It really sounds like explorer is hanging/crashing on you (sometimes it may not be completley obvious (might just look as though it is refreshing itself)).

    You might try one of the System Tray manager utilities to see if it helps (I cannot think of any particulair one off hand, since I have not needed to use one in ages), but I would try and find out for sure, if Explorer is crashing on you (maybe set it to not automatically restart itself when it crashes, so that you are sure to notice), and why it is (if it is).

    I did a quick test, ending task on Explorer.exe to see if the kx icon would come back when explorer restarted, and it did, so I am out of ideas (for the moment)...

    In this case it sounds like something is interfering (occasionally) with kx at startup (Anti-virus software, etc). You might try opening task manager (when this happens) and end task on kx mixer (if it is running), and restart it, and see if the icon shows.
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  5. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

    Thanks Russ,
    - Im looking for System Tray Managers...can you clue me into what they do more specifically? (or what you understood)
    Becuase what Im finding are things like un-hiding hidden windows - and Im not seeing anything that leads me to beleive its gonna help with my quandry.

    Thanks again,
  6. Russ

    Russ New Member

    I haven't needed to use one in a while, but the one I used (sorry I cannot remember the name of it (too long ago)), was specifically for reloading systrays icons that went missing when explorer would crash. Doing a quick search shows a bunch of different tray managers for a bunch of different purposes, so I can understand why you are unsure what to look for. I will think about it and see if I can remember the name of the one I used to use.

    Aside from the above, I am not sure that such a utility will help you with the problem you are having. As I said in my <edit> above, I tested the kx icon, and it does come back after terminating explorer, so I do not think that is your problem (the utility is for icons that do not come back under such circumstances). If it is something that only happens occasionally when Windows loads, then it sounds more like something is interfering with kx's loading process at that time (when this happens, is just the icon missing, or does kxmixer fail to load too (i.e. missing from tasklist)?).
  7. Russ

    Russ New Member

    I did a little more searching and it looks as though your problem is fairly common. You might want to read the following article and/or similair info found on the net, and see if anything there helps you out:
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  8. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

    ahhh - ok.... Thanks for the link that explained much...
  9. Maddogg6

    Maddogg6 Tail Razer

    I must have misses Russ' last post somehow...
    Just a update for future 'searchers'...
    As per http://winhlp.com/WxSystray.htm - I went to 'My Network Places' - and on the left pane, licked on 'Hide Icons for networked uPNP devices' - and my missing icon problem went away...
    But - it appears to prevent use of uPnP devices too (sets windows firewall to close ports)... So far so good - I don't use windows firewall anyway, nor do I have any uPnP devices.

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