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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NicholiS, May 30, 2004.

  1. NicholiS

    NicholiS New Member

    Well first of all I'd like to say that these drivers are performing much better than my creative SB drivers. Before I got almost no sound out of my rear speakers.

    Just a simple question though, is the kX mixer program required to run for all the Surround and other such settings to still be in place?
  2. dj_stick

    dj_stick Apple Fanboy? Staff Member

    im pretty sure that it is required
  3. NicholiS

    NicholiS New Member

    Evul. I was hoping not because I hate to run miscellaneous programs.
  4. dj_stick

    dj_stick Apple Fanboy? Staff Member

    it's not evil, it is far less obtrusive than the creative drivers applications. There is no reason to hate using the kX mixer
  5. mkk

    mkk Well-Known Member

    It is enough to let kxmixer run at system startup and then terminate itself after it has carried out the initialization, by use of a command line switch as mentioned in the documentation. Just like all well behaved software should. :)
    Then you can load the kxmixer again whenever you need to change some setting.

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